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Protects you from EMF exposure coming from your cell phone, including 5G enabled phones. Stick to back of phone or simply place between the case and phone.
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Cell Phone EMF Protection Device

The EMF Harmonizer+ is an EMF protection sticker to support your health as you are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone, one of the most powerful EMF emitting devices in your environment. It works by harmonizing the damaging energy emanating from your phone, as well as by supporting your body against its harmful health effects.

The Harmonizer+ is a small anti-radiation EMF chip to shield you from the negative effects of EMFs emitted by your smartphone that use cellular and WiFi signal communication (mobile phone). For more powerful EMF emitters like a Wi-Fi router, smart meter, or other broadcasting device please use the Harmonizer Ultra, which can be found here. For less powerful wireless devices that simply communicate via WiFi such as a laptop, tablet, e-reader, or Bluetooth device you should use the standard EMF Harmonizer, which can be found here.

Better than a cell phone EMF blocker - because if you try to shield yourself by blocking the EMF radiation from your phone it will stop working, but our bio-energetic neutralizing technology allows it to continue functioning normally.

EMF Harmonizer Technology


  • The Harmonizer+ is a thin 1.2 inch x 1.2 inch stainless steel chip that you place between your phone and case. Each box contains one chip.
  • Affix it with the adhesive backing or simply place it between your cell phone case and phone for easy reuse.
  • You place it on the back side of the phone near the bottom, and it is very thin so you can easily put a case over it and it will not affect its performance. If you use a wireless charger it is important to place it toward the bottom of the back of the phone and not in the center (see the Instructions/FAQs link below for details).
  • It can be removed and reused on another phone, it doesn't wear out and will work effectively even as technology advances.
  • Provides 5G protection for the latest, most powerful phone models.
  • Also appropriate for iPads and tablets with cellular connections.

Installation Instructions & FAQ's

  • Please click here to view the instructions and frequently asked questions for the EMF Harmonizer+ cell phone EMF protector sticker.


Additional frequently asked questions:

  • What is the difference between the Harmonizer, Harmonizer+, and Harmonizer Ultra?  The Harmonizer Ultra is designed for the most powerful emitters of EMF radiation in your life - those that broadcast over a wide area or that emit a large amount of EMFs. The Harmonizer+ is designed specifically for mobile phones, which are also powerful emitters of EMFs but not as strong as those for which the Ultra is designed. The Harmonizer is for less powerful emitters of EMF's that communicate using WiFi or Bluetooth but are not broadcasting signals over a wide area - this includes wireless devices like laptops, tablets, computers, monitors, "smart" appliances, wireless speakers, etc.
  • Why do I need an EMF protection sticker for my cell phone?  Your cell phone is constantly emitting EMF radiation, even when you are not using it. And when on a call, the level of EMF's increases dramatically. Since most people have their phone with them constantly, using an EMF anti-radiation sticker to shield you from the health consequences of the EMF exposure is important.
  • Is the Harmonizer+ an EMF radiation blocker sticker?  No, the Harmonizer+ is not an EMF blocking device, it neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation to help shield your health from its damaging effects. It is not possible for an EMF protection sticker to block electromagnetic radiation, so neutralizing is the only "EMF shield" that works. So it is an EMF anti radiation sticker in the sense that it protects you from the WiFi or cell phone radiation, but it is not a radiation blocker sticker, which is good because your cell phone or router will continue to function normally (if the EMF's were blocked then they would not work). This also means the anti-radiation effect cannot be measured with an EMF meter, but it can be measured with physiological tests of your health parameters when using it (see our Research page).

European Quality and Craftsmanship

Made in our workshop in the foothills of the Alps, not in a factory.

our technology

EMF Harmony products feature a unique dual-level technology that offers effective protection from the damaging effects of EMF radiation and support for the body's health in its presence. The first level of action is a Direct Technology that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation to minimize its health impact. The second level of action is an Adaptive Technology that supports the cells in your body as they are stressed by the radiation, bringing their energy to an optimal level for good health.

Our technology has been developed and actively used in a variety of healthcare applications throughout Europe for over 20 years. It operates at the sub-atomic level, so it does not block or alter the actual EMF’s, allowing your electronic devices to operate normally.

proven results

Positive physiological effects of the EMF Harmony technology have been demonstrated in a number of studies using various measurement devices where health parameters of test subjects are measured before and after exposure to EMF radiation with and without protection from EMF Harmony devices. These studies were conducted using heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, live blood cell analysis with dark field microscopy, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) analysis, and basic physiological measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate, and pH level.

EMF Blocker Products

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Amber D. (Omaha, US)
Amazing Product

I love these! Put them on our phones and they truly work- without them it can cause great damage to your body and I’d highly recommend getting one for each device!

Koslowski (Apple Valley, US)

The dimensions and thickness seems appropriate. It fits between the phone and phone case to avoid sticking directly to the phone. Feeling a little better about life by setting and forgetting it.

thedetoxingduo (Malibu, US)
Love it!

I love keeping this EMF sticker on my phone. My case goes right over it so you can't even see it, and it gives me peace of mind that I am taking steps to mitigate emf exposure (especially with my cell phone which is one of the most powerful EMF emitters that I am using all the time)

Mariah L. (Ashburn, US)
I wish I had this sooner!

I never knew I needed this & I wish I bought it sooner. My headaches are better which helps me sleep better at night, which is a huge plus. I work from home so I’m on my computer/phone A LOT, so I love knowing that I am protecting myself. Highly recommend!

Gregory N. (Amsterdam, NL)
EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phone MUST HAVE EMF PROTECTION


Wow what a Journey with EMF (Electric & Magneric frequencies) i use a Meter to test for these frequencies Which cause Havoc with The Electric Field of Your Own Body...Give you Example your Heart is a Electric machine, having Extention cords near you Are So high in Electricity its SHOCKING to read on a EMF meter. I use the Brand new TriFIELD model TF2. The Journey with Harmony Started this quest to find the Truth regarding my heart fluctuations and How high were these Electro Magnetic Frequencies....I found out it was SERIOUS and i was absolutely hurting myself by lack of Widsom in these Areas...For example E-M-F....the M is magnetic like Wires behind walls or a Breaker BOX fuse box near you for example...The Frequencies coming off my S23 Ulta Samsung was So High I get High being around it without understanding....
So i won't go on to long but let's get down to some Truths about Facts once you Test EMF on your Phone with a Good meter and you know the Readings which is super simple...so my phone was reading 14.0 mW/2...well without all the Details it should read 0.02 maximum....THE TriFIELD instruction say High at 0.200 OK What's The Difference in These Two numbers 0.200 and what my Phone was reading at 14.0...Let's just say It's changing my Heart Rate as its so High its hurting me and My Body. I had purchased the Harmonizer Mobility Braclet and the Purchased the Phone Harmonizer+ For Cell Phone immediately after I put This BRACELET ON...WOW it was like ANOTHER world With The Bracelet.....but for now I'm Going to Share The Phone Harmonizer+...
Received the Sticker TOOK MY CASE OFF and Put on back of My Phone Then put case On...Using EMF HARMONIZER STICKER made my Heart NOW not Have any Fluctuations as THE tests YOU READ and The Results Harmony Published in there Site SAY EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS...your Body Relaxes with The Radiation NOW...and Changes the Effects of THIS radiation coming off the Phone pulsating waves PULLING IN THE carrier signal and This EMF and NOW my body is a Peace With these waves...SO listen up and I will end my review...Harmony has Tests they have done...many on there site...you hit see The Full tests click here it says...THEN SEE FOR YOURSELF...what happend to my Heart on there Heart Test...how Those EMF PULSES change and Protect your Heart and organs...With facts...not fiction...

My life has completely changed...The EMF...Electric and Magnetic...FREQUENCIES have a BODY GUARD NOW...my whole Body and nervous System Has Changed all in the TEST please look and see these TESTS...it's important as to PROTECT YOUR Electical Body System feel like I ...CALM...OH BOY what a Change...SO I use The Harmonizer Bracelet for Everything for my body THEN is use The Emf Harmonizer+ Chip or Sticker to Harmonize my Phone EMF to my body...so I have Better protection and I FEEL IT...this sticker EVEN BETTER ....USING BOTH FOR ME as I use my Phone full time...

I'm happier now because of These Men Providing This Technology and I understand How it Works because I Feel it and Feel my Heart and My Body is Now Like I'm sleeping Changing this Emf hitting my body to Change it and Help my Body better Deal with this Electro Magnetic Frequencies. It Works plain and simple.

Mahalo to Harmony Just SPECTACULAR Devices and Will say These Devices are Must Have also I would recommend the Meter to see for Yourself The Dangerous Frequencies all around you possibly if You Use Electric things and Mobile Data and WiFi and see How High and what it does to your Body and Try if you can Read the Studies and Get some Protection and live a Better life and be Happier as i...Thank you Harmony so

sincerely, gregory
On The Large Island of Hawaii

🌴Aloha🌴 to You all

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Extensive and thorough study into the dangers of EMF radiation exposure and the symptoms associated with it have indicated a series of short-term health effects ranging from migraine headaches, nausea, fatigue, severe changes in mood, and disorientation to serious long-term consequences including reproductive damage, carcinogenic diseases, neurological dysfunction, compromised immunity, and permanent hormonal shifts. All of these health impacts continue to be studied as researchers learn more about the dangers of EMF exposure.

The EMF Harmonizer+ is a thin stainless steel sticker that has been energetically infused with our proprietary bioresonance energy technology that provides dual-level protection to protect you with energetic frequencies emanating from the stainless steel sticker that you attach directly to your device. The cell phone you carry with you everywhere you go is an unrelenting source of harmful electromagnetic radiation and the bioresonance energy technology in the Harmonizer+ reduces the impact of the damaging energy found in that EMF radiation.

The proprietary bioresonance energy technology in this product offers dual-level EMF radiation protection that works to both harmonize the EMF radiation coming from your cell phone and strengthen and fortify the immunity and natural healing processes of your body’s cells against the oxidative stress responses that can damage them due to EMF exposure.

This all happens from the Harmonizer+ which emits bioenergetic frequencies that intermingle with the damaging energies of the EMF radiation. These same bioenergetic frequencies are entering your body through the meridian points along the neck and wrist to travel through your body’s meridian system which supports your biofield, permeating through at a cellular level to give your cells a boost against the exposure to EMF.

Our cell phones (and other wireless devices) are constant sources of EMF radiation. As long as your cell phone is functioning and operational, it is emitting potentially harmful EMF radiation energy. The Harmonizer+ EMF protection sticker is a proven form of EMF radiation protection that can drastically reduce EMF exposure through bioenergetic frequencies. We strongly recommend that you keep the Harmonizer+ sticker attached to your cell phone at all times to receive the best and most effective EMF radiation protection while your device is functioning in order to protect your health and well being.

No, the bioresonance energy inside the stainless steel sticker does not run out nor does it come with an expiration date or "use by'' date. The technology inside of the Harmonizer+ has been developed and designed to be an infinite source of EMF radiation protection emitted from the stainless sticker at all times. The effectiveness of the bioresonance frequencies to minimize the EMF radiation coming from your cell phone will be at peak performance at all times.

No. You will never need to recharge or replenish the Harmonizer+ to ensure that it continues offering full EMF radiation protection. You simply attach it to your cell phone with the adhesive backing on the stainless steel sticker to harmonize and neutralize EMF radiation. This will not block electromagnetic radiation emitted from your phone.

If the Harmonizer+ were a radiation blocker sticker, mobile devices to which the sticker is attached and those in the vicinity would cease to function properly and you wouldn't be able to make calls, receive text messages, or do anything on your device. The reason why the Harmonizer+ doesn't block the radiation is because the particles contained within the bioresonance energy frequencies lack the structural integrity to physically block the negative particles in the EMF radiation. These frequencies operate on a quantum level, making them too small to act as a blocker.

Our bioresonance technology only harmonizes the energy to minimize the harmful health effects of EMF radiation being emitted from your cell phone while allowing the device to continue working as intended.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • EMF Harmony products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or to create any specific change in your health.
  • Any statements in customer reviews are related to that person only, and results from the use of our products will vary from person to person.
  • For studies demonstrating results from using our products, including a double-blind study from a third party research institution, please click here.
  • The use of EMF Harmony products does not eliminate the need to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. As with any environmental toxin, minimizing your exposure to EMFs is an important part of a strategy for supporting your long-term health.

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