EMF Protection Gift Guide 2024

There's no better way to show you care than with the gift of EMF protection for your loved ones! EMF Harmony offers a complete selection of leading anti-radiation products based on our unique bio-energetic technology from Europe.

We've got something for everyone on your list, and at a range of prices to fit any budget. You can go the easy route with an EMF Harmony Gift Card, or check out our best-sellers below. Get all your holiday gift giving done in one easy step. The best gift is protecting the health of your loved ones from the dangers of EMF radiation exposure!

Cell Phone EMF Sticker

1. /Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones

Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone needs a Harmonizer+ anti-radiation sticker for it. Cell phones are one of the largest emitters of EMFs in most of our lives, and we have it with us everywhere and always. The Harmonizer+ will neutralize the EMFs coming from the phone to remove their negative health impact, including 5G protection.

2. /Mobility Wristband

The stylish Mobility EMF bracelet is perfect for anyone on your list. It provides  protection from all electromagnetic radiation from all sources, and everywhere you go. It is attractive enough to wear at work or out at night, but durable enough to wear when sporting or working in the garden. It is water resistant and comfortable enough to sleep with if desired. Choose from black or white braided leather with an attractive magnetic clasp.

Mobility 5G Protection Wrist Band
AirPod EMF Blocker

3. /EMF Harmonizer Audio

Do you know someone who is always wearing their AirPods or wireless headphones? Which are of course constantly sending EMF radiation into their brain... Then the EMF Harmonizer Audio is the perfect gift! These small stickers fit on any wireless headphones or earbuds (including AirPods) and will neutralize the negative effects of the EMF radiation emanating from them. They are small and discreet and very important for protecting the body.

4. /Charm Necklace

Like the Mobility Wristband, the EMF Harmonizer Charm Necklace offers EMF radiation protection from all forms of EMFs that you encounter everywhere you go. This attractive accessory is available in 18K gold or rhodium silver plated, is water resistant, and is comfortable enough to wear all day - and even while sleeping (which we recommend). Not your ordinary EMF pendant, this is a stylish piece of jewelry!

5G Protection EMF Necklace
EMF Sticker for Laptops iPads

5. /Harmonizer for Wireless Devices

The EMF Harmonizer supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your wireless devices such as laptops, iPads, tablets, and Bluetooth devices. It works by harmonizing the damaging energetic frequencies emanating from these devices, as well as by supporting your body against their effects.

6. /Kid's Band

Children are affected by EMF radiation exposure just like adults, and in many ways are even more susceptible to potential health damage due to their rapidly developing bodies. Our Kid's Bands offer the same protection as our adult wearables - and come in fun colors that kids will love. This will probably be the most important gift you give the kids this year!

EMF Bracelet for Kids
EMF Protection Jewelry Cuff

7. /Pure Light Cuff

This beautiful piece of jewelry supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the pervasive RF radiation in today’s environment. It protects against all sources of EMFs, including your wireless devices, WiFi, cell phone towers, and the many other sources of electromagnetic radiation. Choose from 18K gold-plated, silver-rhodium plated, or Hematite plated.

8. /Smartwatch Chip

Perhaps you know someone who wears an Apple Watch or Fitbit 24/7? These too emit EMF radiation, sending its damaging energy straight into the meridian system of the body. The Smartwatch Chip is a small but powerful EMF protection device that fits into the band of any wireless wrist device to provide protection from the EMF radiation emitted by that device. Perfect for the Apple Watch, Fitbit, or any smart watch or fitness tracker.

Apple Watch EMF Protector
EMF Protection for Cars

9. /Harmonizer Car

If you spend a lot of time in your car - traveling, shuttling the kids around, shopping - then it is important to protect yourself from the EMF radiation emitted by your car and from sources coming from outside of it. The Harmonizer Car creates a safe zone in your automobile for everyone inside. Especially important for electric and hybrid cars!

10. /Pet Tag

Last, but certainly not least, don't forget your furry four-legged friends in your gift giving this year! Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to the health consequences of EMF exposure as we humans, so it is important to protect them as well as ourselves. The tag provides EMF protection for pets just like our bracelets and necklaces do for humans, offering complete EMF protection by neutralizing all forms of EMFs - including 5G - and by providing energetic health support to your pet's body.

EMF Protection for Dogs Cats
EMF Protection Gift Card

11. /EMF Harmony Gift Card

When all else fails, an EMF Harmony gift card is the perfect present for anyone on your list. Let them choose themselves from our wide selection of EMF protection products. EMF protection is one of the most thoughtful gifts of all, because it shows you care! Choose from $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200 denominations.