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Works great!

I have these harmonizers everywhere, in my home and now in my truck. I couldn't be happier with the results I've noticed in my mood and energy. I've noticed a significant improvement. It took me a few weeks to really start to tell the difference. I have been less lethargic, and more motivated in my daily tasks. The longer I go using the products the better I feel. Give it a try and be patient, you wont regret it!

sleep easier

I am exposed to more than normal RF on any given day and have trouble sleeping from all the buzz. This had helped block that out and I am sleeping better.

This necklace easily goes through security at an airport!!

I raised much discussion on why I wear both the necklace and bracelet, going through security at SFO (San Francisco) and Newark airports in the last week. I called them my EMF jewelry, sharing I am concerned about 10G now. I got some good conversation going on this!! Even shared your website, EMF Harmony!

Yay!! To being healthy!

I’ve been wearing my EMF bracelet for a week now, and I haven’t felt my hands tingling. I was diagnosed w carpal tunnel syndrome . I work a lot using my hands , especially in a cold environment. I used to feel my hands tingling after a long day of work . But ever since I started wearing my EMF , bracelet , it seems to have stopped . I am less worried , and I am mentally healthy. Thanks to EMF harmonizer, it works !

My second one...love it that much.

I initially purchased the black one a while back. I love that it is casual, and most importantly for me, easy off and easy on. I combine it with other bracelets. I just ordered it in white in the medium and quality is consistent, and I enjoy being able to change them out. I wear the medium. Initally ordered the small and found it to be a little too tight. Easy exchange. A good product and company.

Very pleased noticed it's effectiveness within 2 days

Everyone should have one

My boyfriend loves this bracelet

I recently purchased the Harmonizer Mobility Plus bracelet for my boyfriend, who works as a plumber. I must say, this bracelet has made a significant impact on his overall energy levels and well-being.

Since he started wearing the bracelet regularly, he has been raving about how it has brought balance and grounding to his daily life. The difference he feels is truly remarkable. His energy is more stable.

As a plumber, he faces physical and mental challenges on a regular basis. However, with the Harmonizer Mobility Plus bracelet, he has noticed a significant improvement in his overall well-being. It has become an essential companion in supporting his energy.

I am thrilled to see the positive effects this bracelet has had on my boyfriend's daily life. It's wonderful to witness how it has enhanced his overall mood and vitality.

Love that my whole home is protected

As a work-at-home mom, I've always been concerned about the potential health risks associated with EMFs surrounding me and my family. That's why I decided to give the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office kit a try, and I'm incredibly grateful that I did!

This kit has been a game-changer for our household. With the EMF Harmonizers in place, I can work peacefully in my home office, knowing that I'm protected from the harmful effects of EMFs.

I can't recommend this product enough to fellow work-at-home parents and anyone concerned about the potential health effects of EMFs. It's truly been a lifesaver for my family. Five stars all the way!

I couldn't be happier!

I recently purchased the EMF Harmonizer Ultra for my WiFi router, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I feel much more at ease knowing that my family and I are being protected from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. I've noticed improved sleep quality, and decreased headaches.

I wish I had this sooner!

I never knew I needed this & I wish I bought it sooner. My headaches are better which helps me sleep better at night, which is a huge plus. I work from home so I’m on my computer/phone A LOT, so I love knowing that I am protecting myself. Highly recommend!

1000% recommend!

I love this bracelet so much. It’s not only stylish but I love that it protects me! I literally wear it everyday because it looks good with every outfit and it’s super comfortable to wear. I hardly notice it’s on! If you’re thinking about getting it, buy it!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us Mariah! We're so glad to hear you're enjoying yours so much.

Love it but…

I love this bracelet. It’s cute and functional but I wish they would make either an adjustable one or an extra small for people like me with super small wrists. The 7.5” one moves around a lot more on my wrist than I like and makes it slightly uncomfortable. I will say tho that I don’t come home from town with horrible headaches anymore and that stopped around the time I started wearing this bracelet!!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, Melissa! We greatly appreciate this information and are glad to hear that you're enjoying the benefits and support. That's fantastic!

AMAZING Difference

I bought the EMF harmony smartwatch chip from eBay and had to come back here and write a review. My arm was tingly, aching up to my elbow, and my hand was numb after just 5 days wearing my watch. The day I put my chip on, the pain was significantly less and by the second day and for the last two months, I’ve had no pain, numbness, or other adverse radiation effects from my watch. I’ve recommended it to several people with the same problem and I’ll be purchasing more products from EMF harmony for sure.

Great product

Great product, great price!

Have not noticed anything

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Not everyone will notice a difference when using our products, but they're still working to benefit you and improve your health & well-being. There's more information about this on our FAQs page under the question, 'Will I feel the effects of the products?' if you'd like to check it out!

Looks Good

I like the way the EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband looks. I have not noticed a difference in how I feel so I hope it is working.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Brenda! It's certainly possible that you may not notice any big differences when using our products, but they're definitely still working to benefit you and improve your health & well-being. There's more information about this topic on our FAQs page under the question, 'Will I feel the effects of the products?' if you'd like to check it out!


I put the EMF for radiation on my wifi router. I have not noticed a difference so I hope it is working.

If you're unsure whether or not your Harmonizer Ultra is benefitting you, we recommend checking out our Research page for some great research studies with our products that show the benefits they provide for your health & well-being. We also address this question on our FAQs page under the question 'Will I feel the effects of the products?' if you'd like to check it out!

Fits perfectly

These things work; I have several different kinds now and they are great for reducing chronic pain and inflammation PLUS feel safe wearing them everywhere

That's so wonderful to hear, Lavonne! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're very glad to hear about your positive experience!

This one wrks on power or breaker boxes

EMF Harmonizer Sportsband

EXCELLENT customer service and they stand by their products 100%.
The elastic part of the band wore out and the actual protection piece fell off, luckily my husband spotted it amongst the rocks. I contacted the company to let them know what had happened and I sent them photos of his sportsband as well as mine that was fraying from the elastic stretch band. They immediately sent me 2 replacement EMF Harmonizer Sportsbands.

Eye twitch resolved!

I had an earlier version of this necklace but hadn’t worn it in a while, since the chain broke. When I saw the current version with an improved chain on sale, I bought it. I had developed a strong eye twitch exacerbated by being online—it has now almost all gone since wearing this! People notice and compliment me on the necklace! Very pleased and relieved!

I feel so much better wearing the watch knowing I am protected! Love this band!

Changed My Driving Experience For the Better!

I ordered the EMF Harmonizer for Cars and installed it the day I received it. Shortly thereafter I took a car trip to a destination 4 hours away. In the past this trip left me tired, and I usually stopped a few times along the way to stretch my legs and try and get my energy back. The trip with the EMF Harmonizer significantly changed my experience—I was not tired during the trip and I arrived as refreshed as if I had only driven down the block! I was very surprised! I also used to get mild headaches in the car and I have experienced none in the 2 weeks I’ve had this device. My experience is very positive and I’m grateful for this technology that seems to help my body deal successfully with emf radiation and definitely has increased my happiness while driving!

No more headaches!

I have purchased the smartwatch one and the bracelet, and wasn't sure if much was happening, but I also didnt have any major complaints. Thank I purchased new wireless headphones, and within minutes I would have a headache. I bought the audio harmonizers and noticed the difference on day 1!!! I was able to complete my entire workout with them in and no headache. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE for any wireless headphones/buds etc. Worth every penny!

That's great to hear! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Candace. Not everyone will notice a big difference when they introduce some of our products, but you're definitely benefiting from this protection & support! If you're ever in doubt, you can always contact us or check out our FAQs page that addresses whether you'll feel a difference with our products. Thanks again for sharing this with us!

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband