EMF Protection Stickers for Cell Phones, Wifi Routers and Wireless Devices

Shop our EMF protection devices for cell phones, iPhones, and smartphones (EMF Harmonizer+), for WiFi routers (Ultra), and for iPads, laptops, tablets, Bluetooth, and other wireless devices (EMF Harmonizer). They are small, thin metallic stickers that you place on the phone or device. They include protection from the adverse health effects of 5G, Wi-Fi, and all forms of EMFs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We rely heavily on our electronic devices throughout our daily lives. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi routers, cell towers, you name it, these and other wireless gadgets have become a prevalent source of consistent electromagnetic radiation.

Scientific studies have shown that periods of prolonged exposure to EMF radiation can have harmful negative impacts on our health and well-being.

But since these devices, routers, towers, and monitors are here to stay, the best and most effective solution is to neutralize those harmful effects from the high levels of EMF radiation that surround us.

Studies have demonstrated that exposure to EMF radiation can have significant impacts on your health in the form of neurological cognitive disorders including headaches, dizziness, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, reducted comprehension, and inability to sleep.

In order to avoid the long-term health consequences associated with EMF, protect yourself by neutralizing electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone and other electronic devices.

EMF exposure can be extremely hazardous to your health, so it's important to find a highly-effective method of neutralizing the electromagnetic fields that are all around us. That means using EMF protection products that do more than just simply block the radiation but neutralize its harmful effects to keep you safe.

The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip works to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation that comes from all of our most widely-used devices including cell phones, laptops, servers, routers, even some kitchen appliances like microwave ovens and induction cooktops.

The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer chip is a small, round anti-radiation sticker that has been infused with EMF Harmony's proprietary dual-protection technology, designed to neutralize the serious negative health effects of EMF radiation.

Bioresonance works at the level of quantum energy, otherwise known as life force energy which is an effective and potent shield with proven results for neutralizing the dangerous threats associated with radiation from electromagnetic fields.

The Chip is a lightweight sticker that you attach to your wireless device to direcrly neutralize the EMF radiation being emitted. You simply stick it to your cell phone...or laptop, WiFi router, tablet, microwave oven, any device that is a strong source of this form of radiation.

Our Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip has been made with energized carbon. This makes for a more efficient and powerful neutralizer of EMF radiation because carbon has natural grounding properties and contains more bioresonance energy in a small, lightweight sticker. You just attach the sticker to your device and the Chip does the rest.

Since consumers are always upgrading their electronic devices, we've made our Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip reapplicable from one device to the next. Electromagnetic radiation exposure can sometimes become concentrated as new models and upgrades hit the market. But as long as you have our anti-radiation sticker attached to your cell phone case, you are protected from EMF radiation.

Your cell phone is always emitting EMF radiation. Whether you are using the device or not, your phone is a source of EMF. There is a marked increase in EMF radiation when the phone is in use, so we strongly recommend that you apply our proven EMF protection product to your cell phone and leave it attached at all times.

This is the only way to ensure that you are fully shielded from the negative, harmful effects of EMF radiation for as long as you have your cell phone with you.

While our Chips are suitable for neutralizing EMF radiation on all types of electronic devices, using just one for your cell phone should be sufficient to shield you from the hazards of electromagnetic fields radiation.

We recommend one Chip for smaller portable devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and baby monitors. Two Chips are best-suited for larger devices that are capable of emitting higher levels of radiation, such as microwave ovens, Wi fi routers, induction cooktops, and smart home hubs.