EMF Protection Products

Shop our EMF protection devices to support your health in the presence of electromagnetic radiation - including 5G, WiFi, and all forms of EMF's. We offer devices for your body when on the go, cell phone, laptop/tablet, Wi-Fi Router, home or office, car, wireless headphones/earbuds, Apple Watch, smartwatch/fitness tracker, and even your pets!

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EMF Sticker for Cell Phone
5G Protection Phone Case
EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones
From $79
EMF Blocker Bracelet
EMF Protection Bracelet
EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
best wi-fi router emf protection
wireless router emf protector
EMF Harmonizer Ultra for WiFi Routers
From $99
EMF Protection Bracelet
EMF Protection Wrist Band
EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet
EMF Anti-Radiation Sticker for Laptops
EMF Protector for iPads
EMF Harmonizer for Wireless Devices
From $59
EMF Blocker Necklace
EMF Shield Necklace
EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace
Whole House EMF Protection
Whole House EMF Blocker
EMF Harmonizer Home & Office
from $399
Gold EMF Blocker Wristband
5G Protection Bracelet
Pure Light Cuff by Life Harmony Energies
earbuds emf radiation protection
EMF Protection for Earbuds Headphones
EMF Harmonizer Audio
EMF Protection for Babies Infants
Anti-Radiation Wrist Band for Kids
EMF Harmonizer Kid's Band
EMF Protector for Car Shield
EMF Blocker for Cars
EMF Harmonizer for Cars
EMF Protection Pendant Necklace
5G Protection Pendant Necklace
EMF Harmonizer Charm Necklace
Apple Watch EMF Radiation Shield
Best Apple Watch Anti Radiation EMF Protection
EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband
EMF Blocker for Apple Watch
apple watch emf protection for fitbit
EMF Harmonizer Smartwatch Chip
5G Protection Pendant
EMF Blocker Necklace
Pure Light Pendant by Life Harmony Energies
EMF Neutralizer for Pets
Radiation Blocker for Dogs
EMF Harmonizer Pet Tag
From $69
EMF Sticker for Cell Phones
EMF Blocker Tag for Phone
Carbon+ Chip by Life Harmony Energies
From $89
EMF Protector for Cars
Electric Car EMF Blocker
Carbon+ Car by Life Harmony Energies
From $99
EMF Protection for Homes Apartments
Carbon+ Home Kit by Life Harmony Energies
from $429
5G EMF Wristband
EMF Blocker Wrist Band
EMF Harmonizer Sports Band
Anti-Radiation Blocker Devices
Cell Phone EMF Radiation Shield
EMF Protection Bundle - Beginner
Sale price $168 Regular price $178 Save $10
5G Protection Bundle Jewelry
Cellphone Anti Radiation Sticker
EMF Protection Bundle - Intermediate
Sale price $296 Regular price $336 Save $40
Best EMF Protection for Home Bundle
5G EMF Protection Pendant Necklace Kit
EMF Protection Bundle - Advanced
from $639 Regular price $735 Save $96
EMF Protection Gift Cards
EMF Harmony Gift Card $200
EMF Harmony Gift Card
from $10
5G EMF Blocker Stickers
5G EMF Blocker  Sitcker for Cell Phone
EMF Protection Essentials Bundle
Sale price $229 Regular price $257 Save $28