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EMF Protection for Home & Office

The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation in today’s home and workplace environments. It works for EMF’s emanating from within your whole house or workplace as well as those emanating from outside of it. This includes WiFi, cell phone towers, smart meters, and all forms of EMF's. In addition, it creates a healthier environment by generating a natural balance of positive and negative ions, helping to remove unhealthy fine particulate matter from the air.

Since we spend so much time in our homes and workplaces, these are the most critical areas in which EMF protection is required. They are both filled with electromagnetic radiation coming from within and without, including WiFi routers, cell phones, computers, wireless electronic devices, and even conventional electric current. The Home & Office works by creating an EMF proof protected zone, but is not an EMF blocker, so your devices continue to operate normally. The energy of all the EMF radiation within the zone is harmonized, thus supporting your body against its negative health consequences.

One Home & Office Kit provides protection for homes or workplaces served by a single fuse box, and consists of:

  • One larger thin metal plate of 3 inch x 2.5 inch that is placed on the inside of the fuse box door.
  • A number of smaller thin metal plates of 2.25 inch x .5 inch (how many depends on the size of the area to be covered) . These are placed on some of the outlets around the area to be protected.
  • These thin metal plates have adhesive backing that adhere them to the surface where they are placed.

If you don’t have access to the fuse box in the area to be covered (for example in a workplace), then you may purchase the smaller metal plates individually to create a protected area. See 'How to Order' below for further instructions.


    EMF Harmonizer Technology
    • Not an EMF blocker, so the wireless devices in your home or office continue to operate normally. The system neutralizes the EMF radiation and provides support to the bodies of everyone within the protected area.
    • Provides you with much needed protection against the negative health effects of the EMF radiation from 5G technology, as well as older cell phone technology, WiFi routers, smart meters, wireless appliances, and even EMF’s from conventional electric power and geopathic stress.
    • Works on EMF’s coming from outside the protected space as well, such as your neighbors’ WiFi routers or nearby power lines and cell phone towers.
    • Restores a natural balance of positive and negative ions, helping to remove unhealthy pollutants from the air. The additional negative ions will cause ultra-fine particles to bind together and fall to the floor instead of remaining in the air for you to breathe into your lungs. This ion balance will also give the area a better overall "energy", similar to the good feeling you get when you are out in nature.

    How to Order

    If you DO have access to the fuse box you will purchase a Home & Office Kit, choosing the model based on the area serviced by the fuse box, as follows:

    • 1500 – for areas up to 1,500 square feet (1 large & 4 small plates)
    • 2600 – for areas from 1,500 to 2,600 square feet (1 large & 7 small plates)
    • 3700 – for areas from 2,600 to 3,700 square feet (1 large & 10 small plates)
    • 4800 – for areas from 3,700 to 4,800 square feet (1 large & 13 small plates)

    The calculated area should include the basement and garage if they are serviced by electricity, whether you use them or not (the Home & Office spreads throughout the entire area covered by the fuse box). If you have an area larger than 4,800 square feet, you will simply purchase one of the Home & Office Singles for each additional 400 square feet.

    If you DO NOT have access to the fuse box you will purchase a number of Home & Office Singles based on the size of the area to be covered, as follows:

    • Up to 1,000 square feet – purchase four Singles
    • For each additional 375 square feet – purchase one additional Single
    • Please click here to view and purchase the Home & Office Single

    More details on choosing the right configuration and installing the kit can be found at the link below in "Configuration & Installation Instructions & FAQ's".

    Configuration & Installation Instructions & FAQ's

    • Please click here to view the instructions for configuring (choosing what to order) and installing (after you have received your order) the Home & Office system, as well as frequently asked questions.

    Legal Disclaimer: EMF Harmony products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or to create any specific change in your health. Any statements in customer reviews are related to that person only, and results from the use of our products will vary from person to person. For studies demonstrating results from using our products, including a double-blind study from a third party research institution, please click here. For information on our return policy, please click here.

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