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EMF Protection Home/Office, Stickers & Wearable Bundle

EMF Harmonizer Technology

Our advance EMF protection bundle includes:

  • 1 Home & Office Kit for your entire home or workplace
  • 1 Harmonizer+ sticker for your cell phone
  • 1 Harmonizer Ultra sticker for your WiFi router
  • 1 Harmonizer sticker for your laptop, tablet, computer, or other wireless device
  • 1 Mobility+ Bracelet or Pendant Necklace for your body when on the go

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This package includes everything you need to get the most robust EMF protection for all aspects of your life:

  • The Home & Office Kit will create an EMF protection zone where everyone is protected from all electromagnetic radiation, both coming from within or from outside of the protected area.
  • Your cell phone and WiFi router are two of the largest emitters of EMF radiation in your life, and the Harmonizer+ and Harmonizer Ultra stickers will neutralize those harmful EMF's.
  • The Harmonizer sticker will do the same for a laptop, iPad, computer, or any other wireless device.
  • A wearable bracelet or necklace will offer protection from all EMF's wherever you go outside your protected zone by giving your body the energetic protection it needs to withstand the stress of the EMF radiation exposure.

IMPORTANT: Before adding to cart, choose which size Home & Office Kit you want and which wearable you want (black bracelet, white bracelet, or pendant necklace) by making a selection in the HOME & OFFICE SIZE and WEARABLE OPTION sections above.

Find details on choosing the correct Home & Office Kit by clicking here.

Read more about the individual devices included here:

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Margaret Rempel

Just received my order 3 days ago. Easy to install

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