Instructions & FAQs for the Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit

Configuring Your Installation

There are two possible configurations, one if you have access to the fuse box for your home or office (preferred), and the other if you do not. (A fuse box is also known as the circuit breaker cabinet or electrical service panel - it is the enclosure where the fuses / circuit breakers reside). If you have access to the fuse box, that is the preferred configuration.

1)  If you have access to the fuse box (preferred):

  • You will need to purchase the Carbon+ Home Kit, which comes with one large carbon plate for the fuse box, and a number of smaller ones for various outlets around the area to be covered (not all of them). These plates have adhesive backing for affixing them to the fuse box and outlets.
  • Choose the size of the kit as follows:
    • 1500 - for areas up to 1,500 square feet
    • 2600 - for areas from 1,500 to 2,600 square feet
    • 3700 - for areas from 2,600 to 3,700 square feet
    • 4800 - for areas from 3,700 to 4,800 square feet
    • If you have an area larger than 4,800 square feet, purchase one additional Carbon+ Home Single for each additional 400 square feet
  • You should size your installation according the entire space covered by the fuse box, even if it is not often occupied (for example the garage or an unfinished basement).
  • If you have more than one fuse box, size the installation according to the entire space covered by your electricity meter. Even if you have more than one fuse box, you only need one kit if all the fuse boxes are serviced by the same electricity meter (see below for installation instructions).

2)  If you do not have access to the fuse box:

  • You should purchase four Carbon+ Home Singles, which will cover a space up to 1,000 square feet.
  • For each additional 375 square feet over 1,000 you wish to cover, you will purchase an additional Single.
  • For example, in a space of 1,500 square feet you would need six Singles, for 2,500 square feet you would need eight Singles, etc. – each additional Single adds 375 square feet to the 1,000 covered by the minimum four Singles.
  • You may click here to view and order the Singles.

Installing Your Kit

Home Office Installation Diagram

1)  If you have access to the fuse box (aka circuit breaker cabinet) and purchased a Carbon+ Home Kit:

  • You will have one larger  plate and a number of smaller ones. The number of smaller plates you receive depends on the size of the kit you ordered (1500 = 4, 2600 = 7, 3700 = 10, 4800 = 13).
  • The larger plate should be placed on the inside of your fuse box door. When the door is closed the sticker will be facing the fuses (a.k.a. circuit breakers). If you have more than one fuse box, then place it on the one closest to the electricity meter since this will usually be the primary one that the others are "downstream" from.
  • Four of the smaller plates should be placed on outlets on the four outer walls of the space. For multi-story spaces, place the stickers opposite each other, one on the top floor and one on the bottom floor. For example, if on the bottom floor you place them on the east and north walls, on the top floor place them on the west and south walls. If you live in an apartment, the "outer walls" of the space would be the outer walls of your apartment, even if they face another interior space and not outside.
  • For the additional smaller plates that you received (if applicable), place them on various outlets distributed as evenly as possible around the space on the interior walls.
  • It is not important where on the outlets the smaller plates are placed. You may even take the outlet cover off and place them on the inside.
  • The location of the small plates is not critical, the system will work effectively under almost any scenario. The energy from the plates will be circulated evenly throughout the space, so their exact locations are not that important. The main goal is to spread them out to facilitate the circulation of the energy:
    • So the smaller plates do not need to be exactly opposite each other (outer walls) or evenly distributed (inside walls) to work effectively. Just do the best you can with the outlets you have available. You may also place them on light switches instead of outlets and they will work just as well.
    • It is not important whether there are any smaller plates near your wireless devices or near where you spend most of your time. Again, the energy is circulated evenly throughout the area, so vicinity to the plates is not relevant.

2)  If you do not have access to the fuse box and purchased only Carbon+ Home Singles:

  • Simply follow the instructions in (1) above, skipping the first two points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase just one Carbon+ Home Single?

  • The Carbon+ Home system is not effective unless it is sized appropriately for the space to be covered. It works by circulating through the electrical system (not using electricity however), so it will not offer the appropriate level of protection if not configured properly (see the top of this page). Placing just one near your bed, for example, will not be effective. Nor will placing them on your wireless devices - for that you should choose the Harmonizer+ (for cell phones), the Ultra (for Wi-Fi routers), or the Harmonizer (for other wireless devices). The Carbon+ Single is for creating a protected space when access to the fuse box is not possible or for supplementing in areas larger than 4,800 sq ft, as described above.

Can I move the Carbon+ Home Kit to a new location?

  • Yes, you may move the  plates to a new location by removing them and re-attaching them in the new location. The adhesive backing will generally still be sticky, but if it is not you can attach them again with double-sided tape, a piece of clear tape over the top, or glue. It is best to use a razor blade when removing them to make it easier to peel off and to minimize any damage to them. Any adhesive left on the surface may be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

How does the Carbon+ Home Kit improve the air quality within the protected space?

  • The Carbon+ Home helps to restore the natural balance of negative and positive ions within the space. Most indoor spaces, especially those polluted by EMF radiation, have an unnaturally low presence of negative ions. When the natural balance is restored, fine and ultra-fine particles in the air clump together and fall to the floor. This is good for your health, since breathing the particulate matter is unhealthy. A higher concentration of negative ions generally improves the “feel” or “energy” of the space as well, which is one reason why we feel happier and more energized when outdoors in nature.

What if I have more than one fuse box?

  • If you have more than one fuse box, size the installation according to the entire space covered by your electricity meter. Even if you have multiple fuse boxes, you only need one kit with one large plate if all the fuse boxes are serviced by the same electricity meter (see above for the installation instructions). If you do have more than one electricity meter, then you will want need to get a kit for each meter so that there is a large plate for the fuse box that services each.

Can I use the Carbon+ Home Kit when I travel?

  • Yes, if you travel regularly it is advisable to have a second Carbon+ Home Kit  to use in your accommodations. In a vacation home/condo you would install it as you would in your own home, only of course use tape instead of the adhesive backing on the plates so you can easily remove them. For a hotel room simply taping the large plate to an outlet in the room is sufficient to offer you protection.

Do I also need the other EMF Harmony products for the wireless devices within the protected space?

  • All of the products are designed to work synergistically together, so ideally you would have the other products on the wireless devices that you use frequently (e.g. laptop or iPad) or that you spend a lot of time close to (e.g. wireless TV, baby monitor, cordless landline). We always recommend using the Harmonizer+ for your cell phones and the Ultra for your WiFi router at least, as these are very powerful emitters of EMF radiation.

PLEASE NOTE:  The use of EMF Harmony products does not eliminate the need to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. As with any environmental toxin, minimizing your exposure to EMFs is an important part of a strategy for supporting your long-term health.

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