What is the Difference Between 4g and 5g?

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You’ve probably heard about the new rollout of 5G networks for cell phone communications, but you may not understand what this is or how it might impact you and your family. While not all regions can access these networks, there are already deep concerns about potential health risks from 5G radio frequency radiation (RFR). This is especially true for high-band 5G, which operates at 25-39 GHz, or the “millimeter wave” spectrum. The limited range of these transmitters requires many small, closely spaced transmitters to be deployed.

Here we’ll compare 4G vs. 5G, explain the differences, and discuss the dangers to human health—and what you can do about it.

What is 4G and 5G?

The designations 4G and 5G mean fourth and fifth generation of the cellular infrastructure that forms the backbone of all wireless communications. The newest version is 5G, which was officially launched by two major telecommunications companies in January 2022.

If you’re a mobile phone user, and you haven’t purchased a new phone recently, chances are that it’s using 4G technology. The newer 5G network won’t entirely replace 4G but will be used alongside it.

4G vs. 5G Technology Difference

What is the difference between 4G and 5G? The main benefit of 5G compared to 4G is speed. Newer 5G technology has the potential to be much faster than 4G. Whereas 4G can reach a top speed of 100 Mbps, 5G can theoretically reach 20Gbps. However, actual top speeds are closer to 35 Mbps for 4G and 3 Gbps for 5G. How much faster is 5G than 4G, really? This will vary based on your location and carrier.

Another 4G vs. 5G difference is that 5G has less latency (the time it takes for data to travel between two locations) and more bandwidth than 4G, which means it has a far greater capacity to handle more connected devices.

Is 5G faster than 4G?

Whether 5G is significantly faster than 4G will greatly depend on where you are and which carrier you use. Also, since it’s still early in the 5G adoption, the networks are bound to improve over time.

The Health Risks of 5G

Although you don’t read about in the press, there are indeed significant concerns about potential danger to human health from the 5G networks. Since they are so new there has of course been no long-term studies of the health effects of exposure to the higher frequency EMF radiation produced by 5G towers. There are, however, a large number of studies looking at the short-term effects, and it is not encouraging.

There are many studies showing the health risks of RF radiation from 4G technology – and RF radiation in general from any source - and many of these risks appear to be a factor with 5G technology as well. As mentioned, the frequencies of 5G vs. 4G are different (mainly higher/faster), there appear to be just as many concerns about potential health effects.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

If you’re worried about the health risks of 5G networks, you’re not alone! Fortunately, you can eliminate the health risks of electromagnetic radiation for yourself and your loved ones with 5G phone radiation protection from EMF Harmony. Our leading-edge technology harmonizes electromagnetic radiation and supports your body, ushering in good health without you having to give up your devices or alter your lifestyle.