What is an EMF shield?

You may have heard the term EMF shield and be interested in EMF protection, but are wondering “What is an EMF shield?” The term can actually refer to a number of different approaches to shielding from EMF radiation, and here are the most common:

  1. Cases and covers for cell phones, laptops, and tablets that block some EMF’s. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, including on Amazon. They will not completely block all EMF’s, but will offer some protection, generally on one side such as by the ear for a cell phone, or underneath on the lap for a laptop or tablet.

  2. Devices that harmonize or neutralize EMF’s, such as cell phone stickers or EMF protection bracelets and pendants. These do not block EMF radiation, but they neutralize the energy from it so that it is not harmful to your health. They are relatively inexpensive and have the benefit of allowing your devices to operate normally (for a cell phone for example) or providing protection from all EMF’s that you come into contact with (bracelets and pendants).

  3. Products that block EMF’s over a large area such as special paint, metal, or fabric. This approach tends to be more expensive and complicated, and is not really feasible for very large areas, such as an entire house.

  4. Special clothing or blankets that block some EMF’s. These may provide some benefit, but changing your entire wardrobe to this special clothing is obviously cumbersome and expensive. The blankets are a more practical approach, and there is some EMF blocking maternity clothing that expectant mothers may wish to consider.