Instructions & FAQs for the Pure Light Cuff


The Pure Light Cuff is ready to wear when you receive it. Simply pry it open until it is just big enough to slide over your wrist sideways. Generally that will be a comfortable size and you can just leave it, sliding it on and off when needed. You may also give it a gentle squeeze after putting it on if you like it tighter, and another gentle squeeze to open it up a bit when taking it off if necessary.

It is best not to bend it open and closed a lot and frequently. So do not slide it over the end of your hand to take it on and off, as this will require too much bending. Turning it sideways to slide it over the narrowest part of wrist is the best approach, and it may even pinch just a bit going on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cuff waterproof?
  • The cuff is water resistant and so will not be damaged if it gets a little wet while washing your hands, doing the dishes, etc. However while bathing or swimming it is recommended that you remove it to avoid damaging the finish over the long-term.

Can I sleep in the cuff?

  • The Cuff may be worn while you sleep, and in fact we encourage it! Although it is optional if you are sleeping in an area protected by an EMF Harmonizer Home & Office.

What size wrist will the wristband fit?

  • The standard size is adjustable to fit most women's wrists and the Hematite XL is thicker (7 mm vs 4 mm) and adjustable to fit most men's wrists.

Is the cuff appropriate for children?

  • The cuff is probably going to be too big for and too easily fall off of a child's wrist. We would recommend our EMF Harmonizer Kid's Band instead.

What is the difference between the Pure Light Cuff, Mobility wristband, and Mobility+ bracelet?

  • The difference is simply in the style of each. All contain the same EMF protection energy of our dual-level technology and provide excellent EMF protection, so it is primarily a question of which style you prefer.

Will the cuff create a field of protection around my body?

  • The Pure Light Cuff does not create a protected field around your body, it is instead working directly with the energy inside your body. It does this by sending its energy into the meridian that runs through your wrist, which in turn circulates the energy through your entire body using your meridian system. Thus there is no field or area outside your body where someone next to you would also be protected.
Will I feel a difference when I wear the cuff?
  • This depends on how sensitive you are to the effects of EMF radiation, the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to, your general state of health, and many other variables. So in short, you may or may not feel any different, but whether you feel anything or not, the cuff will be protecting your health.

    In general most people do not feel any immediate difference, some people feel a definite improvement, and very rarely people will feel "off" when they first start to wear it. In this latter case it is generally due to a detoxification process and with a little patience it will soon pass.

If I have the Pure Light Cuff do I still need the other products?

  • The cuff is not designed to replace the other EMF protection devices, as the different devices have different areas of focus. The cuff's primary focus is to support your body so that it can better manage the stress of EMF exposure, while the EMF protection stickers focus more on harmonizing the electromagnetic radiation of the device to which they are attached. In the case of the Home & Office and EMF Harmonizer Car, a protected field is created where all people (and pets) are protected through a combination of harmonizing the EMF radiation and support for the body.

    Since all of the products work together synergistically, for maximum protection you would ultimately add all of the products. This is especially true if you live in an area with high EMF exposure, such as an area where 5G technology has been deployed.

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