Are My Pets at Risk from Electromagnetic Radiation?

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For many of us, pets are simply a part of the family. Just as you go to great lengths to care for your loved ones, most people would stop at nothing to protect their dogs and cats. As you work to keep your animals happy and healthy, you also need to remember the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

The topic of EMF radiation and pet health is rarely discussed in circles of both doctors and veterinarians. Many people fail to realize that pets are just as susceptible as humans to the negative health consequences of EMF radiation exposure.

As dedicated pet owners themselves, the team at EMF Harmony wanted to introduce the topic of EMF radiation and animal health. By helping educate our customers on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, we hope to give you the tools to better protect your pets.

Where Do Electromagnetic Waves Come From?

Electromagnetic waves emanate from any appliance or piece of technology that is powered by electricity. When these waves encounter an object or being, they are referred to as electromagnetic radiation. In turn, EMF radiation has different levels of intensity that pose different levels of danger for both humans and animals.

There are two types of electromagnetic radiation - high-frequency/ionizing radiation and low-frequency/non-ionizing radiation. It is widely accepted in the science community that ionizing EMF radiation is dangerous for humans. Examples of ionizing EMF radiation sources include x-rays and gamma rays.

The dangers of non-ionizing EMF radiation are much more contested amongst doctors and scientists. However, there is ample evidence that non-ionizing EMF radiation sources such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth devices pose their own health risks. Other common sources of non-ionizing EMF radiation are power lines, microwave ovens, computers, wireless headphones, and WiFi boosters or extenders.

Are Electromagnetic Waves Safe for My Pets?

As technologies like cell phones and wireless internet have gained immense popularity, the medical community has grown more concerned about the dangers of EMF radiation. While forward-looking groups have worked hard to teach the public about EMF radiation, we often neglect to think about our pets. Nonetheless, because pets are so similar to humans on a biological level, things that are harmful to people are almost always dangerous for our animal companions.

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One of the recognized health risks of EMF radiation is brain cancer. Many scientists are concerned that regular cell phone or Bluetooth usage can lead to brain tumors. Even more, some studies have shown that increased exposure to EMF radiation at certain jobs has led to an increase in brain cancer cases.

And there are literally thousands of studies that demonstrate many health risks beyond simply brain cancer, ranging from cardiovascular to neurological to hormonal to behavioral issues. It is clear that even low-level exposure to EMF radiation can impact human health, especially over the long-term.

Due to the fact that animals are fundamentally the same as humans in our basic biological makeup, we should heed the dangers of EMF radiation for our pet dogs and cats. Therefore, if increased exposure to EMF radiation is so clearly linked to health risks in people, it’s a good idea to keep your animals out of harm’s way as well.

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Have any Studies Been Conducted on EMF Danger for Animals?

There is a large misconception pervading society that EMF radiation is not harmful to either humans or animals. However, there is a good deal of research that contradicts this idea. In fact, there is a storehouse of information available regarding the effects of EMF radiation on lab animals.

A 2018 study conducted by the National Toxicology program shows correlations between EMF radiation from cell phones and cancer in rats. In fact, the research uncovered malignant tumors in both the hearts and brains of rats when exposed to low levels of non-ionizing radiation from cell phones. With a price tag of $30 million and a 10-year time span, this NTP study is one of the most conclusive EMF radiation studies ever conducted.

Other important cases that have shown the dangers of EMF radiation for pets include a 2016 study on the effects of electromagnetic pulses on animals. This research shows a possible linkage between cognitive damage in rats and EMF radiation.

How Can I Provide My Pet EMF Protection?

There are only a few products on the market today designed specifically for protecting dogs and cats from radiation. EMF Harmony is at the forefront of this movement, as we have taken our propriety EMF protection technology and developed new products for animals.

The EMF Harmonizer Pet Tag is designed specifically with our loved animal companions in mind. Our pet tag borrows EMF harmonizing technology from our human products, but is reinforced with the durability required for pets. Through our EMF Harmonizer Pet Tags, we offer EMF protection for pets wherever they go and from all types of electromagnetic radiation.

How Do EMF Harmony Products Work?

Our products at EMF Harmony work much differently than many of those seen in the EMF protection space. This has to do mainly with the fact that EMF Harmony products neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves before they come in contact with the body. In addition, they provide energetic support to your pet’s body, making it better able to manage the stress caused by EMF radiation. As such, our technology offers a unique way to protect dogs and cats from EMF radiation.

Many EMF protection devices on the market claim to “block” EMF radiation. While it is possible to block electromagnetic waves with certain compounds like copper, you can only protect an area the size of the actual protection device. To illustrate, an EMF protection pendant that is comprised of copper will only protect your pet in the area directly beneath the pendant. The rest of their body will remain exposed to dangerous EMF radiation.

EMF Harmony products utilize a bio-energetic technology to neutralize EMF radiation on a sub-atomic level. Instead of attempting to block it, the products harmonize EMFs, while also supporting the cells in your pet’s body when they are stressed.

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At EMF Harmony, we care deeply about the health of our customers as well as your pets. We take pride in keeping you informed on the dangers of EMF radiation.

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