Do AirPods Emit EMF Radiation?

Airpods EMF Protection

You’ve likely heard about EMF exposure health concerns from cell phones, WiFi routers, smart meters, and cell phone towers, but what about your Apple AirPods and other wireless headphones and earbuds? These wireless devices are extremely convenient for phone calls and listening to music and podcasts, but do they present a health danger from EMF radiation like other devices?

Below we’ll learn about the research that’s available on radiation from wireless earbuds, and we’ll talk about EMF risk from AirPods and EMF protection for earbuds of all kinds.

Do Airpods Emit Radiation?

Like other wireless devices that use Bluetooth technology, Apple AirPods emit non-ionizing radiation. Although their EMF (electromagnetic field, also known as RF for radio frequency) radiation strength is lower than the typical cell phone, there is limited research on long-term RF exposure from wireless earbuds and headphones. So there is a lot we don’t know specifically about this topic, but what we do know about RF radiation exposure in general is unfortunately not encouraging.

Non-Ionizing and Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation, which comes from the sun and man-made sources like x-rays and CAT scans, is well proven to be extremely harmful when exposed to high doses. Non-ionizing radiation, the type emitted by wireless devices that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular signals, is not as powerful as the ionizing type.

Since this non-ionizing radiation does not cause the same short-term health dangers as ionizing radiation, it has generally been considered safe by the government regulatory agencies that oversee wireless communication (the FCC in the United States). Unfortunately, there have been many studies that have shown long-term health consequences from non-ionizing radiation exposure – literally thousands of them from very prestigious universities, research institutions, and even government health agencies.

It is clear from the research that the health risks of non-ionizing EMF radiation are related to the strength of the RF signal, the type of signal (frequency and pulsed vs. non-pulsed) AND the length of time of the exposure. It is difficult to say exactly what type of EMF exposure is going to cause what type of health damage and over what period of time, but the research leaves no doubt that RF exposure in general – even from non-ionizing radiation – does have negative health consequences.

Many scientists have also expressed concern about the sheer amount of EMF radiation we are exposed to in our modern world. The health affects of combining all the different frequencies from so many sources over long periods of time has not been studied, but given what we do know there is definite cause for worrying.

Is Bluetooth Dangerous for My Brain?

Although the federal government sets safety standards for the radiation emitted by consumer devices, including Bluetooth earpods, many studies have found that non-ionizing radiation such as that emitted by Bluetooth and other wireless technology can have serious health consequences.

Of course a primary concern with wireless headphones and earbuds is that most people use them regularly and for long periods of time. Thus even though Bluetooth technology is not a particularly strong emitter of EMF radiation, when it comes to EMF risk, AirPods likely pose a danger because they’re inside your ear for long periods of time and on a regular basis.

The other major concern about wireless head phones and ear buds is that they are worn so close to the brain, which has been shown to be particularly sensitive to health damage from EMF exposure. For more on this please read our blog post "Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Our Brain's Activity"?

So the combination of long-term EMF exposure with proximity to the brain of the RF radiation emitted by Air Pods are what really raise concern for many of the experts on EMFs and health.

Studies on the Health Risks of EMF Exposure

As mentioned above, in the absence of much definitive research on the specific EMF health risks from ear buds and headphones, we have to rely on the research that has been done on RF radiation exposure in general.

In addition to the 250 scientists that expressed their concerns to the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations that the guidelines for non-ionizing EMF were too loose, there have been many studies on EMF health risks. While there is still a divide among researchers as to the level of risk from non-ionizing EMF, there is plenty of evidence that there are EMF health risks.

Scientists have found that the potential health effects of EMF exposure include an increased cancer risk, cellular stress and genetic damage, an increase in free radical production, changes to the reproductive system, neurological disorders and cognitive impairment. Other studies have found a link between EMF exposure and immune system disturbance and that wireless technology could have an effect on a person’s blood, heart and autonomic nervous system.

A 2020 study found a link between people who have electromagnetic sensitivity and fibromyalgia symptoms. Certain individuals who have “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” have even stronger adverse effects, such as abnormal MRI brain scans and potential brain damage. Many of the studies say that further research is needed, especially concerning long-term, chronic use of Bluetooth devices. This doesn’t just apply to AirPods, but to all wireless headphones and earbuds.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from EMFs?

There are various ways that you can protect yourself from radiation from wireless earbuds:

  • Limit use to only when necessary
  • Take them out when not using them
  • Use wired earbuds instead of wireless
  • Use the EMF Harmonizer Audio stickers

One way of course is to limit your use of these devices, though with our modern lifestyle, this can be very difficult. At the very least you should not sleep with your AirPods or ear buds in your ears, and always take them out when you are not using them.

You can also use wired headphones or ear buds instead. Although not EMF-free, the level is dramatically lower than when using wireless versions. However, if you like using your AirPods and other wireless audio devices, EMF protection is still possible…

The EMF Harmony Solution

For those who wish to protect their health without giving up their AirPods and their constant wireless connectivity, there is an answer: the EMF Harmonizer Audio. Our AirPod EMF protection is the only solution available to safeguard oneself from EMF radiation from AirPods and other wireless earbuds and headphones. The Audio consists of 3 small stickers that you place on each earpiece and on the charging station, and they emit energy that provides the EMF protection.

Our harmonizers neutralize the effects of EMF radiation so that it does not have the negative health consequences it otherwise would. They do not block or reduce the EMFs, so they are not EMF blockers, but that is a good thing because your devices continue to operate normally (which they would not if the EMF’s were blocked).

At EMF Harmony, we’re committed to helping you live a healthy life with all your technology.

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