EMF Harmony Affiliate Referral and Wholesale Program

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Welcome Resale Partner

We are pleased that you would like to offer EMF Harmony products to your clients and customers. Please understand that the goal of this program is for you to offer them to your existing clients/customers, not to get into the e-commerce business and compete with EMF Harmony. So please keep in mind these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • You may not offer or advertise EMF Harmony products on any Internet site other than your own or any social media site other than in your own posts. Posting or advertising on any marketplace, deal/coupon, shopping, or other third party website that is not your own is not permitted without express written consent from EMF Harmony.
  • You may not post offers or explicitly advertise with the EMF Harmony brand or product names on Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram or any other search engine, shopping, or social media channel.
  • Any offer for the EMF Harmony products must be directed at your followers/clients/customers within the context of your own website, and not designed to drive new customers searching for the products to your website. So coupon websites, review websites, etc. are not allowed.