Wireless Wellness: Understanding EMF and Implementing 5G Protection Measures

5G Protection

EMF is a hazardous influence on our daily lives, emitted from all of the electronic devices on which we rely each and every day.

Among the most prevalent of these sources are the 5G towers that are becoming increasingly prevalent all around our cities as this fifth-generation connectivity network offers the fastest and most reliable functionality to support our capabilities for commercial and recreational communication.

But are we prepared to sacrifice our overall health and wellness to live in a world that is growing more hazardous to our collective well-being?

Understanding EMF Radiation

The type of EMF radiation that comes from our devices is classified as “non-ionizing” radiation, which is considered safer than “ionizing” radiation that comes from X-ray machines, CT scanners, microwave ovens, and even the UV rays of the sun.

But with the length of time we are spending in and around the non-ionizing variation that comes from our devices, as well as the proliferation of 5G towers needed to support those devices, recent studies have shown that it may be time to reconsider.

That’s because we are surrounding ourselves with EMF radiation more frequently than ever before and lengthy exposure to these harmful energies has generated debilitating health effects and symptoms in children and adults with electrohypersensitivity.

The Impacts of Electrohypersensitivity

The symptoms associated with long-term exposure to EMF radiation include nausea, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, and migraine level headaches. These are just some of the most commonly reported cases suffered by individuals who demonstrate signs of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), a neurologic pathological disorder that has become more widely accepted as a legitimate diagnosis over the past decade.

More of these cases are being reported as the devices and networks on which they function are becoming more technologically advanced and invasive throughout our lives and the cities and neighborhoods in which we live.

5G (short for fifth-generation) networks are touted as the fastest and most reliable because the signals that make up these networks carry more data over shorter distances. This means more towers are built within a closer proximity to one another. More towers puts more people within the signal perimeter of these towers which emit highly potent signal frequencies and the by-product of all that energy is increased levels of EMFs. Prior to 5G, the 4G wireless networks in use were the first potent example of faster download speeds and wider capabilities for high-quality video streaming and gaming, unleashing the capacity that smartphones could reach and increasing the popularity of wireless devices.

The rise of electrohypersensitivity diagnoses in humans with serious physical and mental health symptoms over the past five years was significant enough for EHS to be identified and recognized as a major neurologic, pathological disorder by the medical community. The deployment of 5G networks throughout the United States started in 2019, some ten years after the initial roll out of 4G.

So it may not come as any coincidence that an increase in symptoms associated with electrohypersensitivity was reported more frequently as the potency of fourth and fifth cellular generations increased, particularly over the last decade.

One possible reason could be due to the millimeter waves that comprise the signals of 5G network towers. Their load capabilities are the strongest and most comprehensive ever invented and their ability to transfer large amounts of data over short distances makes them very different and potentially more dangerous than the data signals of 4G.

Shorter distances between 5G towers allows for millimeter waves to travel without signal interruptions, which is ideal for sending data but poses significant health risks to human tissue. Unlike the signal frequencies of 4G networks, the frequencies of 5G signals are unable to pass through the human body. As a result, the body is at greater risk of developing skin cancer and various forms of melanoma.

Implementing 5G Protection Measures

So what’s the solution? How can you protect yourself, your family, and loved ones from the long term negative health consequences of long term exposure to EMF radiation?

The idea of moving away from the areas where 5G towers are being constructed is unrealistic and unless you power down and remove all of the electronic, wireless devices and routers in and around your home and workplace, there really is no respite from the constant, round-the-clock bombardment of EMF radiation.

Protecting yourself and your family has never been more important - and more feasible - than right now. Devices in the form of wearable jewelry, stickers, and other effective products that work to harmonize or neutralize the negative energy in EMF radiation, combined with the positive effects of strengthening the body’s resolve against EMFs at the cellular level are on the market, using a powerful dual-level technology in use for more than two decades.

Bioresonance technology works to neutralize the negative frequencies of EMFs while integrating with the human biofield to stimulate the immunity processes of the body’s cellular system to strengthen the cells against oxidative stress from EMF radiation.

EMF Harmony offers a wide selection of EMF 5G protection products. Using a proprietary energizing process that infuses bioresonance energies into the materials of these devices, the bio-energetic frequencies emitted from the device work to protect the individual using or wearing the device from the harmful impacts of 5G-borne EMFs.

The Time is Now

Five generations of cellular networks will eventually give rise to sixth, seventh, and even further generations as demand for faster speeds and more reliable signal strength grows among consumers. The bioresonance technology in EMF and 5G protection products are future-proof, so you can rest assured you and your family are protected for generations to come.

The modern technology on which we all rely is not going to subside, it will only continue to increase in reach and accessibility. The time for protecting you and your loved ones is now. EMF Harmony is dedicated to developing the most effective EMF protection products in the industry.

Implement effective long term protection measures today for a healthier and safer tomorrow.

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