WiFi Radiation Risks - What You Need to Know

WiFi Radiation Health Concerns

Do you use WiFi in your daily activities? Unless you live on a remote island or mountaintop away from civilization, the answer is probably yes. Wi-Fi devices include computers and routers, smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart TVs and music & gaming systems, home assistants, smart meters and smart appliances. WiFi emits a different type of radiation than what comes from the sun and x-rays, but Wi-Fi is everywhere that we live and work. Scientists have found significant effects of Wi-Fi radiation on body function. Read this article to learn about the WiFi radiation risk and what you can do to protect yourself.

What Kind of Radiation Does WiFi Emit?

WiFi devices, which operate on radio frequency (RF), emit electromagnetic radiation that is non-ionizing. While non-ionizing radiation is a lower frequency level than ionizing radiation such as ultraviolet (UV) rays and x-rays due, we are constantly exposed to Wi-Fi with our “always on” wireless devices. Non-ionizing radiation comes from computer routers, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens and even conventional electricity.

Is Wi-Fi Radiation Harmful?

There have been many scientific studies that show a significant link between Wi-Fi exposure and serious health risks, from hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmune disorders to mental health issues and cancer. Babies and children are especially susceptible. Research has also shown that WiFi EMF exposure can cause oxidative damage and DNA damage in brain cells, among other health effects.

Is there a Safe Distance from WiFi Radiation?

The health effects of WiFi radiation exposure depend on how far you are from your router while it is broadcasting its Wi-Fi signal. Radiation is very high immediately around the device, and it drops off dramatically after a few feet. However, there has been limited research on potential health risks from constant long-term exposure to low levels of EMF radiation. The BioInitiative 2012 report, an organization of doctors and scientists that evaluated exposure standards for electromagnetic (EM) radiation (which includes WiFi), states that existing public safety limits set by the FCC for Wi-Fi devices are not adequate.

What Can You Do to Protect Against Wi-Fi Radiation?

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can protect yourself from WiFi radiation. Consumer Reports and the American Cancer Society list ways in which you can limit your exposure to RF radiation from Wi-Fi devices. Although wireless routers, wearables and smart appliances offer less risk than a smartphone, because they’re not held against the head, they still suggest that you:

  • Use wired internet connections instead of Wi-Fi, especially in rooms that have multiple computers, such as offices, classrooms, and libraries.
  • Don’t place your router on or near a bed, desk, couch or anywhere that you spend a lot of time.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi routers at night. This can be done automatically with an outlet timer.
  • Keep wireless networks at a safe distance from students in schools and younger children in the home.
  • Avoid using “wearables” such as smart watches and fitness monitors, since these devices are worn in direct contact with your skin.
  • Limit your use of smart appliances, WiFi enabled entertainment systems, smart thermostats, home assistants and other wireless equipment.
  • Use research-proven, bio-energetic EMF protection devices, ideally a system that will cover your entire home. You can also use a wearable device such as a pendant or bracelet for when you are not at home.

In our modern world, it is likely impossible to rid yourself of all Wi-Fi devices (nor would you want to). However, if you are mindful of the RF radiation that surrounds you and take concrete steps to minimize your exposure, you can greatly reduce any health risks.

EMF Harmony Products Keep You Safe from WiFi Radiation

If you want to continue using your Wi-Fi devices while minimizing your exposure to EMFs, you can use the EMF Harmonizer Ultra for your WiFi router, the EMF Harmonizer Plus for your cell phone, and the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office Kit for your whole house or office. These systems neutralize EMF radiation and provide energetic support for your body without impacting the strength or quality of your WiFi signal. The home and office system also protects you from Wi-Fi that comes from outside the protected area. Our EMF protection products are based on proprietary bio-energetic technology from Europe that has been in development and successfully used there for over 20 years.

EMF Harmony offers a range of products from wearables like bracelets and necklaces, to whole house systems, to individual devices for cell phones, routers, laptops, etc. Learn about the science behind our technology and contact us if you have any questions.

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