What is EMF Protection Jewelry?

EMF Protection

EMF radiation can be found all around us. Yet we go about our lives without recognizing the adverse consequences of electromagnetic radiation in our surrounding environment. Have you ever suffered from unexplained symptoms of fatigue, headaches, changes in mood, or lack of focus? These may be the results of direct exposure to EMF radiation.

But what kind of impact can EMF's have on the human body, and what are the long-term consequences of their harmful effects?

As EMF radiation has become such a prevalent component of the world in which we live, the need for protection has never been more critical. EMF Harmony offers EMF protection pendants, necklaces, and bracelet options all backed by third-party research and scientific proof to reduce the damaging impacts of electromagnetic fields on our health and wellness.

Forms of EMF Radiation Exposure

EMF radiation is detectable across the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from very high energy levels at one end of the spectrum to very low energy levels at the opposite end:

High Energy Radiation

High energy or ionizing radiation can directly impact the cells of the human body. The ionization process is evident at the atomic level as the radiation removes electrons from the atoms of the cells. The sources of high energy radiation that can have this cellular impact are:

  • X-Rays
  • Gamma Rays
  • High-energy Ultraviolet Rays

High energy radiation has been shown to cause significant damage to human DNA and cell structures, which can lead to mutations in the genetic code. It is recognized as a major cause of cancer at high levels of exposure.

Extremely Low Frequency Radiation

Existing at the opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum is extremely low frequency radiation which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. This form of radiation has the ability to shift the atoms and alter their vibration inside of the body but is insufficient for causing immediate damage to cell structure or directly impacting the DNA.

Thus non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is less harmful by comparison, and is emitted from everyday sources like cellphones, power lines, and household appliances - from microwave ovens to washers and dryers.

Natural vs Manufactured Sources of Non-ionizing EMF's

The non-ionizing type of EMF can be naturally occuring or manufactured by humans. Perhaps the best example of a natural source of EMF is the planet on which we live, the Earth's magnetic field. We are exposed to it each and every day and our bodies are designed for it.

The other variation comes from man-made sources and these can be delineated into two separate categories:

Extremely Low-Frequency EMF: These sources of non-ionizing radiation fields include power lines and small appliances like electric blankets, electric razors, and hair dryers.

Radiofrequency Radiation: These sources of non-ionizing radiation fields include wireless electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, and more powerful sources with a wider reach like radio or TV signals and radar and satellite stations.

Research into Health Risks from Exposure to EMFs

With so many sources of EMF radiation all around us, researchers have performed numerous studies on the risks of long-term exposure to non-ionizing EMFs.

Theories suggest that in the short term, non-ionizing radiation does not impact or damage DNA and cells in the human body. But our habits with respect to the use of electronic devices and household appliances that emit low-frequency EMF radiation are by no means short term.

That's why the manufactured variant of non-ionizing EMF radiation has become such a consistent topic of research and investigation by leading health organizations and scientific groups.

In 2011, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that excessive cell phone use could be connected to the development of a malignant type of brain cancer called glioma. The studies concluded that radiofrequency radiation could have a carcinogenic impact on humans and what was previously considered harmless, low-grade radiation with little to no adverse effects may actually prove the opposite.

More work and research continue to be done so we can fully understand the extent of any potential long-term consequences through extended exposure to EMF radiation. There are now many thousands of studies that demonstrate some negative health impact from EMF exposure.

Take Effective Precautions with EMF Protection Jewelry

The World Health Organization has identified a variety of symptoms consistent with electromagnetic hypersensitivity which include skin irritation and redness, fatigue, dizzy sensations, difficulty concentrating, digestion issues, and other impacts typically related to stress.

All of these symptoms can play a contributing factor towards larger health risks and medical issues such as poor sleep quality, lowered immunity, and increased risk of cancer.

While these and other studies have shown the effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity on the human body, the interest and use of EMF protection jewelry has increased in popularity as a solution for reducing the harmful impacts of EMF radiation.

EMF protection jewelry is offered in a variety of options, from pendants to necklaces to bracelets, all of them offering a list of benefits to people looking for ways to protect themselves from the effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that we are bombarded with each and every day.

The Benefits of Wearing EMF Protection Jewelry

The pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in the EMF Harmony collection are infused with a proprietary dual-level technology that utilizes bioresonance energy for combining Direct and Adaptive technologies.

Remember how non-ionizing radiation has the ability to shift and move the atoms inside of the body but without causing damage to the cell structures or impacting the DNA in the same way as ionizing radiation? The cells in the human body contain individual vibrational energy patterns and the source of this energy is found at the atomic level of our cells.

The atoms remain in constant perpetual motion to build morphic fields that connect each living element and system inside the human body to keep all of the physical and psychological components functioning properly.

The bioenergetics embedded in EMF Harmony's exclusive protection jewelry stores and transfers bioresonance energy at a subatomic level. Bioenergetic frequencies are emitted and these energetic vibrations disrupt the effects of the non-ionizing radiation on your body's cells, effectively neutralizing, harmonizing, and transforming the EMF radiation to protect you from any long-term negative health impacts.

This energy uses Direct and Adaptive technologies to keep you safe. Direct Technology harmonizes the negative frequencies in EMF radiation while Adaptive Technology boosts your cells to strengthen and fortify their energy levels to ward off the non-ionizing radiation that threatens to shift and affect their perpetual vibrations in motion.

The Transfer of Bioenergetic Frequencies into the Human Body

It's important to first understand that EMF protection jewelry does not work as a shield or blocker against everyday low-frequency EMF radiation. If the jewelry were designed for that purpose, the devices from which the EMF radiation are being emitted would fail to operate properly and your cell phone, your tablet, and your laptop computer would simply fail to work.

So how do those bioenergetic frequencies make a difference? The bioresonance energy data contained within the jewelry emits those bioenergetics which enter the body by way of a meridian that circulates energy across a network of meridians that direct the flow of energy throughout the body, distributed to all of the major organs and internal systems.

These meridians have long been used as part of Chinese medicine as they are believed to be the pathways through which the life energy known as “qi” flows and supports healing and good health. Acupuncture is a widely used and scientifically recognized health treatment that is based on the energy flowing through the body’s meridians.

Protecting Yourself in Our Modern World

Wearing an EMF pendant or bracelet to protect against everyday EMF radiation is a good way to reduce the effects of exposure. As the sources of this radiation continue to expand their reach and become important cornerstones of our work and leisure, the time to get protection is now.

Until we decide to reduce our collective exposure to the computers and power lines and WiFi routers that connect us, EMF protection jewelry is peace of mind for staying healthy in this modern world.

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