What is 5G Protection?

5G Protection

You've likely heard the term "5G" before, heralded as the future of wireless technology. This newest generation of cellular networks offers a myriad of benefits and advantages with higher connection speeds and increased bandwidth so that all of our wireless devices work better and quicker.

In our fast-paced society, 5G is the method by which industries will become more efficient, more informed, and more equipped to receive and analyze data across a variety of fields from medical to financial to transportation and commerce. Even the entertainment industries can enjoy the advantages of 5G technology.

But at what cost? While the tech companies developing 5G claim this new network capability is building a smarter and more secure future, is it necessarily a safer one? Some experts have warned of the long-term consequences of 5G on our health and well-being as there are concerns that we are not sufficiently protecting ourselves from the potentially harmful health effects associated with this new technology.

Studies have hinted that the long term health issues caused by 5G could include a weakened immune system, skin cancer, and genetic damage. Experts believe further research is needed to determine if 5G could pose significant health hazards from prolonged exposure.

What is 5G?

Faster internet. Improved mobility signal on our electronic devices. The fifth generation of cellular networks offers speeds nearly 100 times faster than previous generations, ensuring that our wireless devices are operating with more reliability and less lag, which means we are sending and receiving data in real time.

All of the wonders of 5G technology promise fewer interruptions and less delays when connecting, viewing, downloading, and streaming data. Everything we do on our phones, tablets, laptops, smart televisions - you name it - 5G will help us do it better.

But the radio frequencies through which 5G operates have drawn some criticism over the potential risks on our health from 5G radiation.

Long Term Health Risks

So what makes 5G so much better to make our devices faster and smarter? Earlier generations of cellular networks used large cell towers to connect the signal and make our smartphones and wireless devices work. But in order to improve the service and boost the signal, 5G uses a higher frequency of EMFs emitted from a series of smaller towers positioned closer to one another. So with the higher RF frequency and more towers, you get more connectivity and faster service.

This proliferation of more towers means closer proximity to the EMF signals broadcast by 5G and an increase in EMF radiation These signals can't travel as far or move through structures without interruption such as the older EMF signals. So shorter distances between the towers ensures a clearer and unbroken signal. But how much damage is this radiation exposure doing to the human body?

The most prevalent concerns over 5G exposure and the health risks associated with its continued development and implementation around the world are EMF radiation spread by way of millimeter waves, the term used for the higher frequency EMFs.

EMF Radiation Exposure

5G technology operates using higher frequency electromagnetic fields than previous generations of cellular networks. The form of radiation that is emitted from these signals is considered non-ionizing radiation which is less impactful than ionizing radiation, the type emitted from X-ray machines, microwave ovens, and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Non-ionizing radiation is considered less powerful and damaging to the body and our cells in short term exposure environments, but there are still unanswered questions about the consequences from long term exposure.

Doctors and researchers in the fields of science and medicine have expressed concern over possible connections between the EMF radiation emitted from 5G towers and various forms of cancer. Individuals experiencing electrohypersensitivity may also be suffering symptoms due to long term exposure to 5G radiation. These symptoms include headaches, skin irritation, and nausea.

Electromagnetic radiation concentrated within our infrastructure due to more towers built in close proximity to one another could be a leading cause of these impacts.

Millimeter Waves

5G radiation is not much different than the radiation levels coming from previous generations of cellular networks. However, the signals that are emitting the radiation are very different in the current fifth generation because this new technology relies on the use of millimeter waves.

Millimeter waves are capable of transferring increased levels of data across shorter distances and they are some of the highest frequencies ever utilized in celluar networks for the purposes of connectivity and communication. Despite this fact, millimeter waves fall under the non-ionizing radiation category.

But the nature of these frequencies means the waves fail to pass through the surface layers of skin on the human body in the way that low frequency waves otherwise do. That has increased the concern for skin cancer, ocular melanoma, and other carcinogenic impacts as a result of 5G technology and the radiation it emits from millimeter waves.

5G EMF Protection

With the new EMF sources that are cropping all around us as a result of these new technologies over the past decade, the need for protection from the harmful effects of 5G radiation in our environment has become a topic of much debate. There are all kinds of products and claims on the market that offer users different forms of protection against 5G radiation.

That doesn't mean they all work or deliver on the promises of their efficacy.

The best way to get the most 5G protection is by moving away from the heaviest areas where you might find 5G radiation being emitted from the most prevalent sources such as 5G towers.

But that's not always a feasible solution. Packing up and moving isn't something most of us can do on a regular basis and, with the increase of 5G tower proliferation in both urban and rural areas, it's an impractical answer to the problem.

The next best option of 5G protection is to use devices that act to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation. These options are not intended to shield or reduce the electromagnetic fields that come from 5G technologies, but instead work towards protecting the human body from the impacts of EMF radiation that comes from 5G signals.

The EMF Harmony Solution

The engineers at EMF Harmony have been researching and designing practical 5G protection solutions through the study of biofield science. This growing field in the healthcare space utilizes quantum theory and the ways in which our human biology can be directly affected by activity in the quantum energy field.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? But once you break it down to the basics, it becomes somewhat easier to understand. Biofield science is based upon the idea that all of the molecules and cells, along with our internal organs and bodily systems, function and operate in combination with each other by way of naturally-occurring energy fields and information that support health and well-being. These biofields work as a self-regulation process to protect, heal, and maintain the physical and psychological wellness.

Researchers and experts in the fields of medicine have posed a theory that introducing new influences on the biofield can increase and support the health processes that keep us safe and healthy.

These “new influences” are part of what makes EMF Harmony 5G protection technology an innovative and effective solution for keeping you safe from 5G radiation and millimeter waves. Every EMF Harmony protection device is manufactured with the capability to collect, store, and transfer information energy to our biofield.

That information is vibrational frequency energy which interacts with and influences the naturally-occurring vibrating energy inside the human body through the biofield.

5G Protection: Is it Right For You?

Bioenergetic research is an emerging science where studies are finding new ways to keep us safe. One of those ways is through 5G protection in the biofield. EMF Harmony products are at the forefront of this exciting new technology. 5G is only going to become more widespread as society's reliance on faster internet and more dependable signal quality increases.

The healthcare space is still catching up to the pace of modern technology and it's negative impact on our bodies and our well-being. Alternative medicines and healthcare solutions are growing in popularity because they have been shown to be practical solutions.

Consider where you stand on the potential dangers of 5G and see for yourself how EMF Harmony has designed solutions that are available and most effective for keeping you safe in this modern world.

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