Protecting Your Child from EMF Radiation

Protect Your Kids from EMF Radiation Risks

As a parent, you’ll know that it is virtually impossible to keep children away from electronic devices. At birth, you may have a wireless baby monitor in the nursery. This type of device emits electromagnetic fields (EMF), as does your cell phone, laptop computer, tablet and wireless Wi-Fi router. Do you worry about iPad radiation and kids?

Young children are naturally inquisitive, and it won’t be long before they’ll start reaching for your electronic devices. If you have other “smart devices” in your home—such as electronic appliances, wireless sound systems, thermostats, doorbells, light switches, smartwatches or personal assistants, each of these produce additional EMFs and their accompanying radiation.

How safe is all this EMF exposure for your child? And is there any way you can protect kids from EMF radiation?

Where Do Electromagnetic Waves Come From?

They come from a wide variety of appliances and other objects in the home, including the obvious Wi-Fi routers and boosters, wireless devices, and cell phones, but even items like baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, hair dryers, TVs, and household appliances emit EMF radiation. Basically, anything that is powered by electricity is going to be giving off EMFs, but of course those that communicate wirelessly will be the strongest, and those that broadcast wireless signals – like WiFi routers and cell phones – are the most powerful of all.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation and is it Harmful?

Electric and magnetic fields that are emitted from the many devices we use every day create what is known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This EMR can be in the form of radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light (sunlight), x-rays and gamma rays. Ionizing radiation, such as that of x-rays and ultraviolet light, is well known to have a damaging effect on human health.

As for the non-ionizing radiation emitted by our common wireless devices, many studies have found adverse health consequences as a result exposure to it, including an increased risk of brain cancer - in this case, among heavy cell phone users. Researchers have looked at whether EMF exposure can damage DNA and electromagnetic hypersensitivity and possible effects on the nervous system. These are just some of countless studies that have demonstrated various negative health consequences to exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

The concern regarding harmful radiation around children is that today’s kids are surrounded with these types of devices, sometimes from birth, and that due to their smaller brains and thinner bones and tissues, many studies have shown they are more vulnerable to EMF exposure. Few if any studies have looked at the effect of radiation exposure over a lifetime. The risk to an adult holding a cell phone to their head for a conversation is different than for a child in the early stages of brain development.

Are Electromagnetic Waves Safe for My Kids?

As a child’s nervous system is more vulnerable to EMF than an adult’s, researchers recommend limiting EMF exposure for your children. With the enticement of smartphones, tablets and smart devices, this is easier said than done.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers recommendations to families on how to minimize EMF exposure, such as keeping cell phones and other devices away from the body as much as possible. They also recommend keeping calls short, downloading movies and then watching them in airplane mode, and teaching your children that these devices aren’t toys. But this may be difficult to enforce with young children. It is especially challenging if these types of devices are an essential part of your life, whether for work or for convenience. What if there was another way to protect kids from EMF radiation?

Are My Children at Risk from Electromagnetic Radiation?

Studies have shown the dangers of absorbed cell phone radiation in children. And the risk goes way beyond cell phones. As mentioned earlier, in today’s homes we are surrounded by devices emitting EMF radiation. Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phones are some of the strongest, but even iPads, laptops, TVs, wireless speakers and “smart” appliances are all emitting EMFs.

And of course today’s schools are essentially EMF radiation hot boxes, totally bathed in the EMFs from the school’s WiFi network as well the many cell phones being carried around by all the kids. Some schools even have cell phone towers mounted on their walls or roofs – which are incredibly huge emitters of RF radiation!

Sadly today’s children are basically living experiments of what the long-term effects of today’s rampant EMF exposure will be on their health. Based on the thousands of research studies that have demonstrated negative health consequences based on short-term exposure, the outlook is not good.

Of course when it comes to protecting your kids, no amount of risk is acceptable. You do of course want to limit their exposure to EMF radiation as much as possible, and there are some basic steps you can take to do that. In addition to trying to limit EMF exposure, consider EMF protection devices from EMF Harmony.

EMF Harmony Protects Your Home & Family from EMF Radiation

EMF Harmony is committed to protecting your kids and your entire family from the health risks of electromagnetic radiation. We provide EMF protection for kids with our EMF Harmonizer Kid's Band—the only solution that is specifically tailored for children to protect their developing bodies from EMF radiation. We also offer whole house EMF protection so that your entire family is safeguarded within you home, where you all spend most of your time.

The EMF Harmony technology neutralizes EMR, and it works on a subatomic level that won’t interfere with the normal operation of your devices. Read the research studies that prove the effectiveness of this proprietary technology that can protect kids from EMF radiation.

Our technology may seem like magic, but it is the result of more than 20 years of research in bio-energetic health products. This emerging science has been used in Europe and continues to develop, to bring the world a safer and more physically harmonious way to live and interact with our many electronic devices. Learn more about EMF Harmony’s unique dual-level technology, which protects you from EMF risks while supporting the body’s health.

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