Is Living Near Power Lines Dangerous to Your Health?

Power Line EMF Radiation Danger Health Risks

Low and high-voltage power lines are everywhere. They are what transmits and distributes electric power into our homes and offices. There are “hundreds of thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines” in the U.S. In addition to the electrocution risk if you get too close to live wires, there is another hidden danger—EMF radiation exposure.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences released a report more than 20 years ago stating that the electrical and magnetic fields from power lines, home wiring, home appliances and industry should be considered a possible human carcinogen that merits further research. Since then, our world has exploded with electronic devices, from cell phones and Wi-Fi routers to smart appliances and baby monitors. We are constantly bombarded by EMF radiation.

In this article, we consider the EMFs that radiate from power lines, and whether they may pose a health risk for you and your family. You may think that you’re powerless against it—that is, unless you move to a remote region of the world—but it’s not true. There is a way to protect yourself from long-term exposure to EMF radiation.

The Facts About EMF from Power Lines

As with any electrical devices, power lines produce electromagnetic fields (EMFS). These electric and magnetic forces travel through space as electromagnetic radiation. There are two types of radiation—ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation from ultraviolet light and x-rays can damage cells and cause cancer.

Are power lines dangerous? Originally it was believed that non-ionizing radiation from power lines and transformers didn’t have enough energy to affect cells, though it could have thermal effects on skin. Therefore, exposure to direct, intense levels of non-ionizing radiation may cause tissue damage. Recent studies, however, have found other health effects from low-level radiation.

Power Lines – EMF Levels

Magnetic fields are measured in gauss (G), while EMF exposure is expressed in milligauss (or mG). The most powerful magnetic fields are emitted from high voltage power lines. These transmission lines are the ones you see on tall towers. The magnetic field levels for transmission and distribution lines typically range from approximately 10 mG to 81 mG.

EMF Levels of Household Devices

In addition to the power lines’ EMF levels, add your EMF exposure from inside your home. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences lists many household items and their magnetic field strengths, from vacuum cleaners (100-700 mG) and electric can openers (500 to 1500 mG) to hair dryers (1-700 mG) and microwave ovens (100-300 mG).

What’s a Safe Distance?

How far away should you live from power lines to be safe from EMF radiation? publishes a Safe Distances from EMF Sources chart. They consider the “safe level” for EMF exposure to be 0.5 mG or less. Based on this, they suggest living at least 700 feet from high voltage power lines, 10-200 feet from distribution lines (wooden poles), 10-20 feet from electrical utility transformers and .25 to .5 miles from cell towers and radio/TV broadcast towers.

Studies About Electromagnetic Radiation from Power Lines

The safe distances chart was based on studies that linked magnetic field exposure to childhood cancer. In addition, researchers have found that non-ionizing radiation, also present in Wi-Fi devices and cell phones, can cause oxidative stress, neuropsychiatric effects, endocrine changes, cellular DNA damage, sperm/testicular damage, apoptosis and calcium overload. The effects of EMF are frequently “cumulative and irreversible.”

Power Lines and EMF – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your questions about power lines and health risks.

Do Power Lines Emit Radiation?

Yes, they do. EMF radiation—or more specifically, a person’s exposure—is measured in milligauss (mG). The levels for power lines range from 10 mG to 81 mG. Your exposure will of course depend upon how close you are.

Are Power Lines a Health Risk?

Power lines can most definitely be a health risk, and researchers are still trying to understand what these risks are. Exposure to the extremely low frequency magnetic fields of electric power lines were found to be possibly carcinogenic.

How Do You Measure EMF From Power Lines?

Measuring EMF from power lines can be accomplished by using a gaussmeter. This device can tell you the actual power line magnetic field strength and what distance is needed for your safety and health.

How Far Does EMF Travel from Power Lines?

EMF can travel a considerable distance. To be safe from high voltage power lines, at least 700 feet away is recommended. This can vary for someone with high EMF sensitivity or underlying health issues.

How to Block EMFs from Power Lines

It isn’t always possible to live far away from power lines or change your lifestyle to use less gadgets. And blocking EMF radiation, especially from power lines, is problematic if not impossible. Fortunately, EMF Harmony offers a line of EMF protection products that support your health in the presence of EMF radiation, including the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office that turns your entire home or office into a protected zone.

The EMF Harmony products use a revolutionary bio-energetic technology that operates at the sub-atomic level to neutralize the effects of EMF exposure from many sources, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

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