EMF Standards Under Scrutiny: Is Public Health Truly Protected?

EMF Standard

The dangers associated with the effects of electromagnetic radiation have been studied by the scientific community and researchers for over half a century. But it can be confusing to determine which organizations and research groups have the proper authority and research results to issue accurate and credible statements when conflicting views are established and offered to the general public.

Even the World Health Organization has recommended guidelines on how much exposure is too much. This is particularly important as our technologies become more advanced, our wireless devices more prevalent and intertwined into our daily lives, and the networks on which all of these devices rely grow more widespread.

Acceptable or Not Acceptable?

The standards of safety for everything from food to manufacturing to healthcare vary from one country to the next and, of course, the same goes for EMF exposure. What is considered safe in the United States might be different in France which might be different than what is deemed acceptable in China or Russia. Some countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, and Spain don’t have established limits in place at all.

The media plays a role as well, you may see reports that generally assure the public of no risk to health and safety from exposure to low level electromagnetic radiation, yet on the other hand, even a cursory search for credible facts on the potential negative, harmful impacts of EMFs on public health can turn up evidence published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that advise of a possible risk of carcinogenic consequences from exposure to low-level EMFs emitted from cell phones.

The IARC is a subsidiary agency of the World Health Organization, which has publicly stated there may be little to no long term damaging impact on health from low doses of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Even with over fifty years of research and study in the field, we continue to learn more about the potential dangers to public health and safety from prolonged exposure to EMF radiation in today’s modern world.

What Can You Do?

You can take precautions to protect yourself and your family from the daily influences of increasing EMF radiation that are all around us.

The holistic approach to health is one that takes all aspects of the individual into account for total wellness. The physical, the mental, the emotional, all of these factors participate in preventing illness and disease and EMF protection efforts should start to play a larger role in supporting positive health outcomes in the public.

Even as some studies suggest that low doses of EMF radiation pose little to no threat, we are subjecting ourselves to more sources of electromagnetic radiation day in and day out for considerably longer periods of time than ever before. The dangers of EMFs in today’s world are growing at a remarkable rate, unprecedented in our lifetime, and the questions must be asked as to whether these extended periods of exposure are putting you and your family’s health and well-being at risk.

Take precautions now by protecting yourself with EMF protection products that use real, proven technologies to minimize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from all our wireless devices and maximize the cellular immunity in the body to reduce the oxidative stress that threatens to damage your health and well being.

Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

With EMF protection products that can keep you, your family, even your pets safe from the ever-present threat of EMF radiation, you are putting your health first, ahead of all other considerations and doing it with an all-natural, holistic approach that uses the biological energy that flows within all living beings. That energy is known as the biofield, and Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the biofield as means for diagnosing and treating illness for centuries - such as with acupuncture treatment. The proprietary technology in our EMF protection products are designed to work in much the same way, promoting health and wellness at the cellular level and influencing the flow of energy through the body to reduce the harmful, damaging effects of EMF radiation.

The symptoms of excessive EMF exposure include fatigue, nausea, mood swings, and headaches. These are just some of the symptoms we know to be proven, yet who knows what else might be discovered in the coming months and years?

Safeguard yourself and your family’s health today with dependable EMF protection products from EMF Harmony.

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