Do EMF Shielding Materials Work?

If you’re concerned about electromagnetic radiation from your electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, microwave ovens, smart meters, etc.), there are two approaches to EMF protection. The first is to reduce your exposure by shielding or blocking it with electromagnetic shielding material. The other solution is to use bio-energetic devices that neutralize the EMF radiation so that it does not harm your health.

What Are the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation?

Best EMF Shielding Materials

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are emitted by many kinds of natural and man-made devices. Higher frequency EMFs (x-rays, ultraviolet rays) are damaging to human health, but so are lower frequency EMF’s, which can be found in a wide range of electronics, from your smartphone to your Wi-Fi router. Scientific studies have found a connection between EMF exposure and various adverse health effects, including cancer and brain tumor risks, sleep disorders, cognition and memory issues, reproductive problems and DNA damage.

Thus it is always a good idea to minimize your exposure to EMF’s as much as possible, even when also using bio-energetic devices to neutralize them. That can be accomplished to some extent with simple practices like turning off your WiFi router at night, not holding your cell phone against your body, and other fairly simple steps. Following we will discuss when EMF radiation shielding materials may also help.

What Materials Can Block EMF Radiation?

EMF EMF Blocking Materials

EMF shielding materials include special types of paint, metallic materials like brass, copper, silver, steel, nickel and tin, and cloth or clothing made from fabric that has EMF shielding properties. Some products like special cell phone cases or laptop pads will incorporate some of these materials to provide some RF radiation blocking in a limited area.

For example, a cell phone case may incorporate shielding material on the front cover, so when closed the EMF’s will be weakened on that side of the phone. Or on a laptop pad with shielding material in it the EMF’s reaching your lap would be reduced when the laptop is sitting on your lap.

Larger scale electromagnetic shielding materials like paint and metallic sheeting can be a challenge and expensive, and generally you’ll only be able to reduce your exposure rather than eliminate it. Thus they are appropriate for some applications, but not usually for an entire home, for example.

How Do You Use EMF Shielding Materials?

Because of these challenges, ideally you would use EMF blocking materials in certain areas where you want to reduce very high EMF levels, especially where people in your home or office spend a considerable amount of time. For example, you might want to shield your bed from a nearby smart meter or fuse box that may be outside the home or near your head. Or if you live nearby a cell phone tower, you may wish to protect the wall or the side of your house or apartment that is facing this powerful EMF source to reduce your exposure. As mentioned, it is usually not possible to eliminate all the EMF radiation, but you can decrease the levels with the appropriate application of a shielding material.

Which Material Has the Best Shielding Ability?

RF Radiation Shielding Material for House

To reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic components, copper, pre-tin plated steel, aluminum and a copper alloy/nickel silver composite material are often used. They have been found to have extremely high shielding effectiveness. EMI shielding for circuit boards also serves to block EMF radiation. However, EMI shielding materials will also block the radio frequency (RF) signals emanating from the devices.

There are a few Internet websites that offer EMF shielding materials designed for common applications in a home. For example, special radiation shielding paint may be appropriate for a wall in a bedroom that is facing a strong external source. Certain metallic shielding materials may work for a smaller area like the back side of a smart meter or circuit breaker box. It is generally advisable to get an expert’s guidance on selecting the appropriate material for your application, as it is a complex subject with many potential approaches. A website offering such products can generally offer such guidance, as can some specialists like building biologists who specialize in EMF mitigation.

What Materials Does EMF Harmony Use in Their Products?

EMF Harmony’s electromagnetic radiation protection products are based on a proprietary bio-energetic technology from Europe, and it is this technology that makes them effective, not the materials of which they are made. The EMF radiation is not blocked but is neutralized by the energy which is stored in the products, which they then emit into the target environment (such as a cell phone, an entire home, or the human body). They emit energetic vibrations at specific frequencies to cause resonance or dissonance, harmonizing the EMF radiation’s vibrational energy. Learn how this works.

Thus the materials of which the products are made, which include stainless steel and silicon rubber, are carefully chosen for their ability to store and hold the energetic information – but not for their ability to block or shield EMFs. You will not be able to measure a reduction in EMF’s using a meter, but you can measure the protective effects of the products with physiological health measurements.

Get True EMF Protection from EMF Harmony

So even if you’re trying to shield or block EMF exposure, you should also use bio-energetic EMF protection devices to neutralize any remaining EMF radiation. EMF Harmony’s EMF protection technology has been in development and in use in Europe for more than 20 years. The protective effect of our devices has been documented in numerous studies. In addition to neutralizing RF radiation, our technology also provides energetic support for your body. Because all of this occurs on the sub-atomic level, it will not have any effect on the functionality of your devices.

Discover the EMF Harmony Collection and protect yourself and your family from the harmful health effects of EMF radiation. We offer a wide range of individual devices for routers, laptops, cellphones as well as whole house systems and wearables for your body.

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