Does EMF Radiation Affect Sleep? Why You Should Reduce EMFs in Your Bedroom

Poor Sleep Health EMF Exposure

Many people cite health problems from EMF pollution, especially when it comes to the impact on their life, sleep, and circadian rhythms. There are a significant number of experts concerned about the overall health impacts of chronic EMF exposure as well. There’s enough concern that more than 80 countries have implemented or are considering legislation related to exposure to electromagnetic fields, including several in the European Union where limits for EMF radiation are already half what they are in the United States.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced anywhere that electricity is used. The prevalence of WiFi, cell phones, tablets, and other radio frequency sources have only increased EMF pollution. In fact, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer initially classified cell phone and wireless radiation as a possible human carcinogen in 2011.

EMF Sleep Disruption: Does EMF Affect Sleep?

One place there is a body of evidence to indicate potential problems from EMF pollution is when it comes to sleep patterns. EMF has been linked to poor sleep quality and increased stress. In a study conducted by wireless phone companies their own scientists concluded that mobile phone radiation has negative consequences on sleep.

Most people charge their cell phones in the bedroom. Many use them as their alarm clocks. As such, they are constantly located next to where they sleep. Sleeping with devices that emit EMF radiation nearby will likely change your sleep cycle.

Researchers say that your pineal gland interprets EMF radiation as light. This can create an imbalance in melatonin levels, the hormone that aids sleep. EMF may also impact the circadian rhythm, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

In addition to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices, the screens on these devices negatively influence sleep quality as well. It is generally recommended to avoid any screen time for at least an hour before going to bed. Environmental Health Trust has an excellent guide to creating a low EMF sleep sanctuary in your bedroom.

For the 70% of people that have trouble getting to sleep or maintaining normal sleep patterns, or the 33% to 50% of adults that have insomnia, EMF sleep disruption may be a significant contributing factor.

For those looking for EMF protection while sleeping, or from the many other non-thermal EMF effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, EMF Harmony can help. EMF Harmony provides EMF protection devices to help neutralize the effects of harmful EMF radiation, including 5G. They do not block or alter EMFs, so your wireless devices will continue to work properly, but the harmful energetic frequencies of electromagnetic radiation will be harmonized to help protect you from the possible health consequences of EMF exposure.

Dealing with EMF Pollution

The term EMF pollution was coined to encompass all the various ways that people are bombarded by electromagnetic radiation throughout the day. While some EMF is produced naturally, EMF exposure to some degree is inescapable in modern life. Power lines, electric wiring, appliances, wireless devices, Wi-Fi networks, smart devices — we’re literally surrounded by it.

Long-term low-level frequency radiation is non-ionizing and can move atoms around in our body and cause them to vibrate, often imperceptibly. Some researchers believe there’s enough evidence that sustained exposure over time to low-level EMF warrants upgrading the WHO classification from “possible carcinogen” to “known carcinogen.”

Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

The best way to protect yourself is to limit exposure to EMF radiation wherever possible. Move devices out of the bedroom, limit screen exposure at night, and turn off your Wi-Fi router when you go to sleep.

EMF Harmony has a lineup of products to neutralize the effects of harmful EMF radiation. Scientific studies from independent research labs have validated the effectiveness of these devices across a wide range of uses. That’s why many healthcare practitioners and holistic doctors across the country recommend EMF Harmony products. They cite better sleep, less fatigue, increased stamina, and other noticeable improvements for patients using these devices.

Worried about electromagnetic radiation? Shop for EMF protection products today and protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF pollution.

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