Does Shungite or Orgonite Protect from EMF Radiation?

Shungite Organize EMF Protection

As we come to understand more about EMF radiation and its harmful effects, we also begin to uncover more data about potential EMF safeguards. As industry leaders in our field, EMF Harmony has conducted extensive research into EMF shield products. This research has yielded interesting results concerning the compounds shungite and orgonite. This is important because many people feel that shungite and orgonite are effective EMF shields.

Shungite is a naturally occurring mineral that is believed to contain profound metaphysical properties. Shungite has been used as a healing crystal in any number of ways for hundreds of years, although recently it has gained a good deal of attention as a potential EMF shield.

Orgonite is a manmade crystal that is formed by fusing resin and metal shavings, sometimes with crystal powder included as well. When shaped into pyramids and pendants, some people believe it has the ability to block EMF exposure.

EMF Harmony has found that EMF protection devices made from shungite and orgonite are problematic. One big challenge with using any rock, mineral, or crystal for EMF safety devices is that you don’t really know what these contain. Most of them come from suppliers in China, so the actual composition of what you are purchasing is suspect to begin with. In addition, we have found very little convincing evidence in terms of studies or documentation that shungite or organite EMF shield products actually provide a benefit. Beyond problems with product efficacy, the compounds shungite and orgonite themselves also present concerns for proper EMF safety.

What are the Benefits of Shungite for EMF?

Shungite is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in Russia. The properties of shungite make it quite interesting. Namely because, shungite is comprised of up to 99% carbon. Even more interesting is the fact that the molecular structure of shungite resembles “buckyballs.” According to the National Science Foundation website, buckyballs “are a form of carbon-composed clusters of 60 carbon atoms, bonded together … like the surface of a soccer ball.”

Shungite has long been used as a healing crystal that is believed to have profound healing properties. For hundreds of years, people have used shungite in mineral baths and dietary supplements. There are also several forms of shungite, some of which are said to have the healing properties, and others not.

The EMF safety market features a variety of shungite products that claim to block EMF radiation. While there may be some validity to these claims in some circumstances, the scientific community is still sorely lacking in data on shungite and EMF. Therefore, although some forms of shungite may have EMF reducing capabilities, other forms do not. And even for those forms that may have some ability to block or reduce electromagnetic radiation, there is still the issue of putting that into practical use (see below).

Studies also show that it might actually be the carbon found in shungite - rather than shungite itself - that provides EMF shield protection. As can be seen, we still have a good deal to learn about shungite for EMF protection.

Will Orgonite Protect You from EMF?

Orgonite is a synthetic compound that is made by fusing metal shavings and resin. It is commonly formed into shapes like pyramids that are believed to have powerful metaphysical properties. The history of organite can be traced to theories of Wilhem Reich, a 20th century psychiatrist and researcher who came up with his theory of Orgone Energy. Reich was essentially an early pioneer in the field of bio-energetics, and his research and theories are certainly legitimate. However, Organite was a later invention based on his theories, not something he developed.

Orgonite is said to have properties that allow it to harmonize energy, among other things. As with anything claiming to have bio-energetic properties, the effects cannot be directly measured. The only way to know its efficacy is to conduct testing on the human body to see what effects it has. As seen with shungite, people claim that orgonite is an effective shield for EMF emissions.

The EMF safety market is flooded with orgonite EMF protection products such as pendants, pyramids, disks, and beads. However, there has not been any real scientific evidence backing claims that orgonite works as an EMF shield. Lacking research documenting the health effects of Organite in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, it is impossible to know whether it actually provides any benefits. And as mentioned earlier, what is actually in the organite that one may purchase as an EMF shield, it is impossible to know.

What Can Block EMF Radiation?

The notion of “blocking” EMF radiation can be somewhat misleading. While there are certain compounds and minerals that block EMF radiation, using them effectively is quite challenging. This is commonly seen with shungite products. It’s for reasons such as this that EMF Harmony created our own protection devices to harmonize, rather than block, EMF frequencies.

Some common materials that block EMF radiation include tin, steel, brass, copper, and nickel. However, for these materials to work effectively in blocking EMF radiation, they must encase an EMF source in its entirety. If you were to encase an EMF producing source like a cellphone or WiFi router in a material such as copper, the EMF radiation would be blocked but the device would no longer function. So even if a mineral like shungite does block electromagnetic radiation, using a small amount of it as an EMF shield in a safety product such as a phone sticker or pendant would be ineffective on significantly reducing the EMF emissions.

EMF Harmony has created our own safety technology that neutralizes, rather than blocks, harmful EMF radiation.

Do EMF Shields Really Work?

There are a wide variety of EMF shield products on the market today. That being said, it’s best not to make any broad generalizations about all EMF shields. We can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to block all EMF radiation with the small coverage you get from a sticker or a pendant. Blocking such a small area with materials like shungite or steel is ineffective compared to the amounts of EMF emissions pervading the environment today.

If you are truly interested in EMF safety for your family, your best bet is to look into EMF harmonizer products. At EMF Harmony, we use a bio-energetic technology from Europe to neutralize EMF radiation and support the body against its negative effects. Unlike untested minerals like shungite and orgonite, you know that you are getting a consistently made product backed by research studies with powerful EMF protection capabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about our proven EMF safety technology, check out the scientific studies on our Research Page.

How Can I Wear EMF Protection Devices?

As frontrunners in the field of EMF safety, EMF Harmony has developed wearable devices that protect against EMF emissions. These devices include necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, and smartwatch chips. With such a wide variety of options, you can find a wearable EMF safety device for any occasion. Our devices have been in development and use for over 20 years, and unlike shungite products have research documenting their effectiveness.

EMF Harmony has spent many years developing and offering EMF safety devices that work with popular technologies. To illustrate, we created an Apple Watch EMF Harmonizer specifically for the popular smartwatch. EMF Harmony also designed a similar technology in the Smartwatch Chip that attaches directly to the bands of popular wireless smart watches and fitness trackers.

Talk to EMF Harmony About EMF Safety

At EMF Harmony, we are here to help demystify EMF safety products. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you might have about EMF safety guidelines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our EMF protection products.

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