Beyond Aesthetics: The Science of EMF Protection Jewelry Explained

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When taking precautionary measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation, you want to know that the protective actions you’ve taken are actually going to work.

The EMF Harmony line of wearable protective products has been designed to make a fashion statement but, more importantly, these pieces offer dual-level protection against invasive EMF radiation that can be found in a wide range of electronic devices, signal towers, billboards, wireless network systems, even our automobiles.

The importance of a functioning and effective method for EMF protection goes beyond aesthetics and our products have been developed with that objective in mind. We believe you can create a product that looks good and functions even better, but when that product is tasked with preserving the health and well being of the customer, only a science-based approach will be acceptable to achieve the task at hand.

Why EMF Protection is So Important in Today’s World

We have placed an emphatic dependence on our wireless devices and networks. Our smartphones are with us wherever we go. Smart appliances are telling us when we need to buy eggs. 5G connectivity will be an obsolete concept before we know it, replaced by a network apparatus faster and more reliable.

But while all of this research, development, and innovation of technology in our fast-paced society offers advantages and access to information around the world like never before, there is a downside that comes with it in the form of EMF radiation. This by-product from all of the wireless devices, touchscreens, and communication networks on which we rely can have significantly harmful consequences on our health and safety. Doctors, scientists, and researchers are only now just getting further into the study of just how much potential damage that EMFs can have over the short and long term.

While it’s true that the EMF that comes from these devices is considered “extremely low-frequency” and doesn’t pose a considerable threat in small, inconsistent doses, we are only learning of the potential for harm when exposed to this EMF radiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Dual-Level Protection of EMF Harmony Bioresonance Technology

EMF radiation has been shown to have a variety of symptomatic impacts on the human body. From migraines to fatigue to nausea, these are just some of the EMF-related effects that can be felt from too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The protective attributes of our products stem from our proprietary bioresonance technology which is currently in use across a number of healthcare applications and equipment throughout Europe for more than two decades.

Each product has been energized with this technology, which is emanating from the material with which the product has been manufactured. The result is a protective product that has been infused with an infinite source of energy, emitting bioenergetic frequencies that work to harmonize negative energies in EMF’s from electronic devices and fortify the cells of the body to strengthen their functionality against harmful EMF energy that can put the cells under stress.

These two protective functionalities are categorized as Direct Technology and Adaptive Technology.

Direct Technology EMF Protection

The direct technology targets the damaging energies of EMF radiation to harmonize these energies and drastically decrease the harmful impacts on the human mind and body. In essence, when the bioenergetic frequencies emitted from the EMF protection product and the harmful damaging frequencies in the EMF radiation of your smartphone or smart TV come in contact, the radiation becomes neutralized and less harmful as a result.

Adaptive Technology EMF Protection

The adaptive technology works within the body, along the flow of the energy in the biofield. This strengthens the biofield to ward off the negative effects of EMF radiation that are prevalent all around the body. The bioenergetic frequencies of the technology work on a cellular level which helps to fortify the cells of the body and stimulate the natural healing processes of the mitochondria.

Manipulating the Biofield

What is the biofield? It’s the energy that vibrates within all living things. These energies are contained within our cells and the atoms that make up the cells are in constant motion, which create morphic fields that act as the connective pathways between our living tissues and our internal bodily systems. These fields are what make us living beings and the complex physical and psychological attributes by which we are defined.

For centuries, the biofield has been a primary focus for the holistic methods of healing the human body. Acupuncture, reflexology, herbal remedies, all of these are about shifting and manipulating the flow of energy through the meridians of the body. The bioenergetic material in our products work on the same principles, altering and manipulating the flow of energy in the body to protect you from the potential long-term harm that comes from EMF radiation.

See For Yourself

Now that you have a better understanding of the science behind EMF protection, try it for yourself. Our line of products are designed to provide maximum protection against EMF’s from all types of sources. Whether you live in a rural area or smack dab in the middle of an urban landscape teeming with electromagnetic radiation, we have the products that can protect your health and well being.

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