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Bracelet EMF Harmonizer Mobilité+

Protection EMF élégante que vous pouvez porter au travail ou à l'extérieur la nuit. Bracelet en caoutchouc de silicone durable et étanche avec fermeture de bracelet de montre standard.
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Bracelet de protection CEM

Le bracelet EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ EMF soutient votre santé et votre bien-être lorsque vous êtes exposé aux rayonnements électromagnétiques omniprésents dans l’environnement actuel. En conduisant, en faisant vos courses ou en voyage, à la maison, au bureau ou à l'école, vous rencontrerez des CEM émis par de nombreuses sources. depuis votre téléphone portable et vos appareils sans fil, depuis des routeurs WiFi, depuis des tours de téléphonie mobile et depuis d'innombrables autres sources. Le bracelet anti-radiation Mobility+ EMF protection soutiendra votre corps contre les effets négatifs sur la santé de tous ces CEM. Il est efficace pour les téléphones portables, le WiFi et toutes les formes de champs électromagnétiques, y compris la protection 5G.

Le bracelet de protection électromagnétique Mobility+ est un accessoire élégant doté d'un bracelet en caoutchouc silicone et d'un fermoir métallique en acier inoxydable. Il est suffisamment attrayant pour être porté au travail ou à l'extérieur la nuit, mais suffisamment durable pour être porté lorsque vous faites du sport ou travaillez dans le jardin. Il est imperméable et facile à nettoyer, et suffisamment confortable pour dormir si vous le souhaitez.


EMF Harmonizer Technology
  • Imperméable, il peut donc être porté sous la douche, dans le bain ou en nageant.
  • Facile à nettoyer avec de l'eau et un détergent doux.
  • Assez confortable à porter pendant le sommeil.
  • Taille unique, car le bracelet s'adapte à toutes les tailles de poignet jusqu'à 7,5 pouces. Pour les jeunes enfants, nous recommandons le Groupe pour enfants. Pour les très petits ou très grands poignets, le Bracelet de mobilité peut être une meilleure option.
  • Le bracelet est fait d'un caoutchouc de silicone souple et la boucle et la pièce métallique supérieure sont en acier inoxydable, y compris les éléments énergétiques du bas.

Instructions et FAQ

  • S'il te plaît Cliquez ici pour consulter les instructions et la foire aux questions concernant le bracelet Mobility+.

Questions fréquemment posées supplémentaires

  • Quelle est la différence entre le bracelet Mobility+, le bracelet Mobility et le Pure Light Cuff?  La différence réside dans le style de chacun. Tous contiennent la même énergie de protection EMF que notre technologie à double niveau et offrent tous une excellente protection EMF, il s'agit donc avant tout de savoir quel style vous préférez. Le bracelet Mobility+ est complètement étanche et peut être porté pendant la baignade et le bain, tandis que le bracelet Mobility et le Pure Light Cuff sont résistants à l'eau, mais il est préférable de les retirer pendant le bain et la natation pour les protéger des produits chimiques présents dans l'eau et dans les soins du corps. des produits.

  • Est-ce un bracelet bloquant les EMF ??  Ce bracelet de protection EMF n'est pas un bracelet bloqueur EMF, il fournit plutôt un soutien énergétique à votre corps tout en neutralisant les rayonnements EMF auxquels vous êtes exposé, minimisant ainsi ses effets nocifs sur la santé. C'est pas Il est possible qu'un bracelet de protection EMF bloque le rayonnement électromagnétique, donc la neutralisation et le soutien sont le seul « bouclier EMF » qui fonctionne.

    Donc ça est un bracelet de protection anti-radiation EMF, dans le sens où il soutient votre santé contre tous les CEM que vous rencontrez de n'importe quelle source, mais il n'est pas un bracelet bloqueur EMF, ce qui est bien car vos appareils électroniques continueront à fonctionner normalement (s'il bloquait les EMF, votre téléphone portable et autres appareils sans fil ne fonctionneraient pas). Veuillez consulter le Comment page sur notre site Web pour plus de détails sur le fonctionnement de la technologie et les Recherche page pour les études démontrant son efficacité.

European Quality and Craftsmanship

Made in our workshop in the foothills of the Alps, not in a factory.

our technology

EMF Harmony products feature a unique dual-level technology that offers effective protection from the damaging effects of EMF radiation and support for the body's health in its presence. The first level of action is a Direct Technology that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation to minimize its health impact. The second level of action is an Adaptive Technology that supports the cells in your body as they are stressed by the radiation, bringing their energy to an optimal level for good health.

Our technology has been developed and actively used in a variety of healthcare applications throughout Europe for over 20 years. It operates at the sub-atomic level, so it does not block or alter the actual EMF’s, allowing your electronic devices to operate normally.

proven results

Positive physiological effects of the EMF Harmony technology have been demonstrated in a number of studies using various measurement devices where health parameters of test subjects are measured before and after exposure to EMF radiation with and without protection from EMF Harmony devices. These studies were conducted using heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, live blood cell analysis with dark field microscopy, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) analysis, and basic physiological measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate, and pH level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Lester B. (West Jordan, US)
Works well

I have carpet tunnel makes my wrist pop I noticed this when I use my phone more often the more often that wrist pops and needs rubbed. I have noticed almost complete recovery and playing games on my phone no longer feels like I'm cooking my hands. I hope others consider this product been great also like the band doesn't pull my hair like I thought it would

Mary S. (Seattle, US)
Yay!! To being healthy!

I’ve been wearing my EMF bracelet for a week now, and I haven’t felt my hands tingling. I was diagnosed w carpal tunnel syndrome . I work a lot using my hands , especially in a cold environment. I used to feel my hands tingling after a long day of work . But ever since I started wearing my EMF , bracelet , it seems to have stopped . I am less worried , and I am mentally healthy. Thanks to EMF harmonizer, it works !

Jacqueline (Tacoma, US)
My boyfriend loves this bracelet

I recently purchased the Harmonizer Mobility Plus bracelet for my boyfriend, who works as a plumber. I must say, this bracelet has made a significant impact on his overall energy levels and well-being.

Since he started wearing the bracelet regularly, he has been raving about how it has brought balance and grounding to his daily life. The difference he feels is truly remarkable. His energy is more stable.

As a plumber, he faces physical and mental challenges on a regular basis. However, with the Harmonizer Mobility Plus bracelet, he has noticed a significant improvement in his overall well-being. It has become an essential companion in supporting his energy.

I am thrilled to see the positive effects this bracelet has had on my boyfriend's daily life. It's wonderful to witness how it has enhanced his overall mood and vitality.

A.Z. (Bedford, US)
Mobility bracelet awesome

I purchased the white mobility+bracelet in July of 2021. The silicone band is just now starting to tear. I have worn this bracelet every day for almost 2 years. It does work. From the moment I started to wear it, my anxiety level dropped. I am more at peace and calm. I also purchased the harmonizers for all our cell phones, our laptop, and router. My husband wears the pendant. Wish there was a replacement band for this one. But I have my eye on the new mobility wristband. :)

Gregory N. (Rotterdam, NL)
Wow! is a Understatement for EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet.

Yes it's True the Harmonizer Bracelet as soon as recieve went on my wrist.
Immediately my Heart especially knew something was up. The difference of the Effects of EMF from my Phone S23 ultra Newest Samsung Phone against my body with DATA on was immense. i used a Trifield TF2 EMF Meter measurement and it's High EMG coming off Phone when Data 4g only is on...The meter is Newest on market just received and readings were as high as 14 mW/m High. Ratings from TriFIELD instructions say: 0.200 mW/m to 1.000 mW/m SAFE LEVELS
WELL 14 is not save by any Standards so we knew this Must be Midagated.
This Bracelet was so dramatic for my body and I could feel my Heart Relaxing THAT was very interesting I must say...It took a day or so to my body to adjust as IT FELT MUCH BETTER and allowed my body to calm down...Now I Understood What The Test That were posted Were. i was my Own test Subject and WOW wee I'm happy...OH yes...I immediately ordered The One for Phone on Back its Arriving in 5 days in USA and I'm looking forward to That device from Harmony as well. My life has changed by this Technology in a Tremendous Was and I'm feeling much better with EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet and now can work with the Phone much better With less Stress.

We Would like to say 🌴Maholo🌴 to EMF Harmony for This Product and The Website with all The Test and Experiments Posted and the Results of there EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet its made my life and Body much better and are Very Appreciative to Emf Harmony.

gregory from the Large Island of Hawaii says 🍍Aloha🍌 to Harmony and Maholo to you All

Legal Disclaimer:

  • EMF Harmony products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or to create any specific change in your health.
  • Any statements in customer reviews are related to that person only, and results from the use of our products will vary from person to person.
  • For studies demonstrating results from using our products, including a double-blind study from a third party research institution, please click here.
  • The use of EMF Harmony products does not eliminate the need to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. As with any environmental toxin, minimizing your exposure to EMFs is an important part of a strategy for supporting your long-term health.

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