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EMF Harmonizer pour voitures

Créez une zone de sécurité protégée contre les CEM dans votre voiture, protégeant contre les CEM provenant de l'intérieur et de l'extérieur. Les voitures à essence en utilisent 1 par voiture, les hybrides et électriques 2 par voiture.
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Protection EMF pour les voitures

L' EMF Harmonizer Car soutient votre santé et votre bien-être lorsque vous êtes exposé au rayonnement électromagnétique émis par votre automobile. Il offre une protection EMF de la voiture en neutralisant les fréquences énergétiques nocives émanant de l'électronique de votre voiture, ainsi que celles provenant de l'extérieur de la voiture.

L' EMF Harmonizer Car est une petite plaque métallique de 3 pouces x 2,5 pouces que vous placez dans une zone proche du conducteur, comme la zone de la console entre les deux sièges avant, sur la colonne du volant ou sur le tableau de bord, ou sous le siège du conducteur (face à en haut). Vous pouvez retirer le ruban adhésif au dos et utiliser l'adhésif pour le coller sur une surface, mais cela est facultatif. Nous proposons également un support de ventilation accessoire qui s'insère dans une bouche d'aération sur le tableau de bord de la voiture et maintient l'Harmonizer Car en place, disponible ici.

Voiture de protection EMF - hybride ou électrique

EMF Harmonizer Technology

Pour une voiture électrique ou hybride, il est recommandé d’installer une deuxième unité à l’arrière du véhicule.

Instructions d'installation et FAQ

  • S'il te plaît Cliquez ici pour consulter les instructions et les questions fréquemment posées concernant la voiture EMF Harmonizer .

Support de ventilation en option

Pour acheter le support de ventilation en option pour la voiture EMF Harmonizer , veuillez visiter cette page.

EMF Harmonizer Technology

Qualité et savoir-faire européens

Fabriqué dans notre atelier au pied des Alpes, pas en usine.

notre technologie

Les produits EMF Harmony sont dotés d'une technologie unique à double niveau qui offre une protection efficace contre les effets nocifs des rayonnements électromagnétiques et un soutien pour la santé du corps en sa présence. Le premier niveau d'action est un Technologie directe qui harmonise les fréquences énergétiques négatives du rayonnement électromagnétique pour minimiser son impact sur la santé. Le deuxième niveau d'action est un Technologie adaptative qui soutient les cellules de votre corps lorsqu'elles sont stressées par les radiations, amenant leur énergie à un niveau optimal pour une bonne santé.

Notre technologie a été développée et activement utilisée dans une variété d'applications de soins de santé à travers l'Europe depuis plus de 20 ans. Il fonctionne au niveau subatomique, de sorte qu'il ne bloque ni ne modifie les champs électromagnétiques réels, permettant à vos appareils électroniques de fonctionner normalement.

résultats prouvés

Les effets physiologiques positifs de la technologie EMF Harmony ont été démontrés dans un certain nombre d'études utilisant divers appareils de mesure où les paramètres de santé des sujets testés sont mesurés avant et après l'exposition aux rayonnements EMF avec et sans protection contre les appareils EMF Harmony . Ces études ont été menées à l'aide d'une analyse de la variabilité de la fréquence cardiaque (HRV), d'une analyse de cellules sanguines vivantes avec microscopie à fond noir, d'une analyse de visualisation de la décharge de gaz (GDV) et de mesures physiologiques de base telles que la pression artérielle, la fréquence cardiaque et le niveau de pH.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Returned unused and they won’t refund me. Bogus company, beware!

Hello, we are sorry to hear about your situation. As we communicated to you, your item was returned in used condition, and although we offered to replace it for you, you declined that. We apologize for your experience.

EMF Harmony Team

M C. (South San Francisco, US)
Sleeping over the Batteries

I just acquired a beautiful Solar RV (Of course it has a Gas Engine.) I will be sleeping over the batteries and wanted some protection from the EMF off gassing. The product is lovely to look at and easy to use and I am happy to have it. Truth is there is really no way to tell how well it works yet, anyway. Just installed them....

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We have answered some common questions, such as 'How do I measure the effects of the products' and 'Will I feel the effects of the products?' on our FAQs page if you'd like to check them out! You can access this information here: https://emf-harmony.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions

thedetoxingduo (Malibu, US)
A must in the car

I love having this chip in my car to help reduce exposure to EMFS from both inside and outside my car. Especially given how much time I spend in the car on a daily basis!

Jacqueline (Tacoma, US)
Works great!

I have these harmonizers everywhere, in my home and now in my truck. I couldn't be happier with the results I've noticed in my mood and energy. I've noticed a significant improvement. It took me a few weeks to really start to tell the difference. I have been less lethargic, and more motivated in my daily tasks. The longer I go using the products the better I feel. Give it a try and be patient, you wont regret it!

Lucy D. (Seattle, US)
Changed My Driving Experience For the Better!

I ordered the EMF Harmonizer for Cars and installed it the day I received it. Shortly thereafter I took a car trip to a destination 4 hours away. In the past this trip left me tired, and I usually stopped a few times along the way to stretch my legs and try and get my energy back. The trip with the EMF Harmonizer significantly changed my experience—I was not tired during the trip and I arrived as refreshed as if I had only driven down the block! I was very surprised! I also used to get mild headaches in the car and I have experienced none in the 2 weeks I’ve had this device. My experience is very positive and I’m grateful for this technology that seems to help my body deal successfully with emf radiation and definitely has increased my happiness while driving!

EMF Harmonizer for Cars

Want to know more about our EMF Harmonizer for Cars? Here are the most frequently asked questions:


The cars EMF harmonizer is designed to support your health and wellness by neutralizing the damaging energetic frequencies emanating from all of the electronic devices and components in your vehicle and other sources that are in the surrounding environment outside of the vehicle.

If you stop to think of all the sources around us that give off any measurable level of electromagnetic radiation, such as electronic billboards and high voltage power lines, the exposure to dangerous EMFs is all around us. The EMF Harmonizer for Cars reduces the damaging effects of this radiation both inside and outside of the vehicle with a perimeter of bioenergetic frequencies designed to harmonize the harmful radiation around us while supporting the human body from within by fortifying and boosting our immunity at the cellular level.

Any time you sit in a motor vehicle, particularly an electric or hybrid vehicle, you are exposed to some level of EMF radiation. Sitting in the back seats of the car don't offer any protection against dangerous EMFs just because you're seated further from the majority of the electronic components inside the vehicle. Anyone seated in the driver's seat, the passenger seat, or the back seats is prone to the same level of EMF exposure inside the closed compartment of the vehicle.

The best way to reduce exposure to the harmful effects of EMF radiation while driving or riding inside your vehicle is with an EMF Harmonizer.

You have a couple of options as to the best way for using the EMF Car Harmonizer. The metallic plate which has been infused with our proprietary bioresonance technology gives off an energetic frequency that provides a protective barrier throughout the vehicle. You can place the Harmonizer between the front seats, attach it beneath the driver’s seat, or affix it to the steering column or dashboard.

The Harmonizer is equipped with an adhesive surface that allows you to affix it in place should you wish to have it remain in the same location in the vehicle. But if you are driving a leased vehicle or rental car and you need to remove the Harmonizer, you can keep the Harmonizer in our new air vent holder accessory which attaches to any standard air vent on the dashboard or the back of the center console in the back seats.

No. The EMF Harmonizer is not powerful enough to interrupt or interfere with the functionality of the electronic devices and components that are emitting EMF radiation. The Harmonizer's bioenergetic frequencies only neutralize EMFs, they don't act as a shield against electromagnetic radiation. The objective of the Harmonizer isn't to shut down your electronic devices, otherwise your cell phones, laptops, tablets, and yes, your electric vehicle and all of the parts under the hood would be rendered inoperable.

That's because the energetic frequencies that are embedded in the metallic plate of the Harmonizer work at the quantum level. This means the energy coming from the Harmonizer operates at a sub-atomic level, its particles don't retain the structural integrity to physically shield the electromagnetic radiation that is coming from the electronic devices in and around your vehicle.

But while the Harmonizer is neutralizing the effects of the EMF at the sub-atomic level, it is also boosting the energy of the cells in the body, strengthening their immunity against the negative effects of the EMF radiation. In essence, this dual-level protection works both outside and inside the body through energetic frequencies that exist at the quantum level.

That all depends on the individual who is using the Harmonizer. A number of factors play a role in whether or not you feel a discernible difference before and after the Harmonizer is placed inside the vehicle. Those users who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity may be able to notice the Harmonizer is working as the common symptoms associated with EMF radiation exposure such as headaches, fatigue, and irritability, won't be apparent when surrounded by high levels of electromagnetic fields.

But if you are not hypersensitive to the effects of EMF, not to worry - you can rest assured the Harmonizer is working properly and protecting you against the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation inside of your motor vehicle.

Yes. If you own more than one car or travel often inside of multiple different vehicles, the Harmonizer can be removed from one vehicle and placed inside of another. Just be sure not to remove the adhesive film and affix the plate directly to any surface in the car. The adhesive is strong and pulling the plate from the surface can damage both the adhesive and the interior surface of the car.

You do not need to attach the Harmonizer with the adhesive in order to enjoy the full benefits of the neutralizing protection of the product.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • EMF Harmony products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or to create any specific change in your health.
  • Any statements in customer reviews are related to that person only, and results from the use of our products will vary from person to person.
  • For studies demonstrating results from using our products, including a double-blind study from a third party research institution, please click here.
  • The use of EMF Harmony products does not eliminate the need to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. As with any environmental toxin, minimizing your exposure to EMFs is an important part of a strategy for supporting your long-term health.

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