Memonizer BODY EMF Blocker Bracelet


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PLEASE NOTE:  The Memonizer BODY has been replaced by the EMF Harmonizer Mobility+, which can be found here.

Why do we not offer Memon products any longer?  EMF Harmony has partnered with a different company in Europe to develop our own line of EMF protection products. The technology is similar to Memon's, although it is an older and more proven technology, having been used in Europe for a variety of healthcare applications (not just EMF protection) for over 25 years. In our testing we have found it to be as or more effective than the comparable Memon technology. As a testament to its effectiveness, the healthcare practitioners that we work with who used to offer Memon products to their patients have all switched to offering the EMF Harmony line.

The memonizerBODY will help protect you from negative environmental influences when you are on the go. Both EMF radiation and geopathic interference can affect your health, and the memonizer BODY is scientifically designed to strengthen and support you against the stress of these negative influences.

Available with a dark gray, light gray, off white, or red band in small (appropriate for children), medium (appropriate for women) and large (appropriate for men). The band fit can be adjusted with the clasp and if necessary by trimming some off the end to make it fit as snugly as you desire - so even small wristed women should order a medium.

Important Instructions: To keep the band in optimal condition, please clean it with clear water and the included talcum powder on both sides weekly. If the band is too large, you may cut some off of the end of it so that if fits comfortably when fastened. This is very often required to make it fit as desired.

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