Is 5G Bad for Your Health?

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The aggressive rollout of 5G wireless technology should be of concern to anyone who is worried about 5G health risks. Long before 5G, researchers have linked non-ionizing electromagnetic (EM) radiation with cancer, and later studies have found that RF radiation can also cause DNA damage as well as headaches, oxidative stress and neurological symptoms.

The speed at which 5G is being introduced, without ample studies regarding 5G health issues, is a major concern. The long-term 5G health concerns are unknown. Why does 5G affect your health even more than 4G? Unlike older technology, 5G uses millimeter waves. Higher frequency waves require more closely spaced cell antennas, which will expose much of the public to millimeter wave radiation. Doctors and scientists called for a moratorium on the 5G roll-out, until it could be more closely studied.

Is 5G Bad for Your Health?

There are many peer-reviewed studies that have confirmed negative health effects from electromagnetic fields in general. Researchers have found that 5G millimeter waves can penetrate into human skin more intensely than 4G. 5G research has also found links to DNA damage and cancer.

What Are the Health Risks of 5G?

According to 5G studies that have been collected, 5G is unhealthy. Health effects of 5G include cancer, DNA damage, synthesis of proteins linked to oxidative stress and inflammation, tissue heating, harmful effects to the skin and eyes, and much more.

In short, 5G is not good for your health.

U.S. Court of Appeals Decision Against the FCC and 5G Rollout

In a landmark court case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), which challenged the FCC decision to allow the rollout of 5G wireless technology without reviewing its safety guidelines. The court found that the FCC did not show that its current regulations protect against 5G’s harmful RF radiation exposure, and that they never reviewed extensive evidence that was presented to them. CHD is especially concerned about the proven 5G health impacts on young children.

Protect Your Health from 5G RF Radiation

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