Instructions & FAQ's for Mobility Wristband

Instructions for Sizing the Wristband

The Mobility must be trimmed to size so that it fits your wrist when you first receive it. You may have it fit snugly or loosely, depending on your reference, it will not alter the effectiveness. Of course it is better to start with a more loose fit, as you can make the band shorter by trimming off more, but you can’t make it longer. Here are the steps to size it:

  1. Close the clasp and wrap the loose end of the band around your wrist to find the appropriate length.
  2. Make a mark where the end of the band would insert into the clasp and cut the band there with scissors.
  3. Open the small hinged clasp with metal “teeth” that holds the end of the band in the main clasp, insert the band as far as it will go (about 1/8”), and close it. (It may be necessary to pry open this small hinged clasp with a pointed knife or other small object as it can be difficult to open it with your fingers.)
  4. Close the main clasp again and see how the fit feels. If you feel like it is too big, simply open the small hinged clasp and trim more off of the band.
  5. When it is sized correctly, press the small hinged clasp closed firmly with a pointed knife, needle nose pliers, or similar object to make it sure it is securely closed.
Mobility Wristband Sizing Diagram

IMPORTANT: It is better to cut off too little than too much on your first try, since you can always cut off more, but you cannot make it longer again! And for children you may want to start on the loose side to give them room to grow.

If your wrists are small, you may need to slide the metal piece with the logo toward the clasp so that it is centered. It is not fixed in place, so it should slide fairly easily.

You may view a printable PDF with these instructions by clicking here.

You may view a video demonstration of these instructions by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the wristband?

  • Simply wash the band in warm water with liquid soap, such as dishwashing liquid.

Is the wristband waterproof?

  • Yes, the Mobility is completely waterproof and may be worn while bathing or swimming.

Can I sleep in the wristband?

  • The Mobility may be worn while you sleep, although it is optional if you are sleeping in an area protected by an EMF Harmonizer Home & Office.

What size wrist will the wristband fit?

  • The Mobility can be sized for any wrist up to 9.5 inches in circumference. It will generally need to be trimmed when you first receive it, as outlined in the instructions above.

Is the wristband appropriate for children?

  • Yes, the Mobility is safe for children and is in fact ideal for them. It can be trimmed to a small wrist size, and its clasp is designed so that it will be unlikely to fall off in the rough and tumble of a child's life.

What is the difference between the Mobility wristband and the Mobility+ bracelet?

  • The difference is in the style and in the energy of each. The Mobility+ bracelet is a little dressier and more formal, and the Mobility wristband is a little sportier and more durable. The Mobility is good for children because it can be sized to fit small wrists, it will withstand wear and tear a little better, and it would be unlikely to fall off in the rough and tumble of a kid’s life.

    Both contain the same EMF protection energy of our dual-level technology, and the  Mobility+ bracelet has four extra energy elements which provide additional energetic support for the body's health, as described on the Mobility+ product page. Both provide excellent EMF protection, so it is primarily a question of which style you prefer and whether you want the added health support of the four energy elements.

Will the wristband create a field of protection around my body?

  • The Mobility Wristband does not create a protected field around your body, it is instead working directly with the energy inside your body. It does this by sending its energy into the meridian that runs through your wrist, which in turn circulates the energy through your entire body using your meridian system. Thus there is no field or area outside your body where someone next to you would also be protected.

How do I order a new band for my Mobility Wristband?

  • You can order the silicon rubber band only (clasp and metal piece not included) by clicking here.

If I have the Mobility wristband do I still need the other products?

  • The Mobility is not designed to replace the other devices, as the different devices have different areas of focus. The wristband's primary focus is to support your body so that it can better manage the stress of EMF exposure, while the Harmonizer and Harmonizer+ products focus more on harmonizing the electromagnetic radiation of the device to which they are attached. In the case of the Home & Office and EMF Harmonizer Car, a protected field is created where all people (and pets) are protected through a combination of harmonizing the EMF radiation and support for the body.

    Since all of the products work together synergistically, for maximum protection you would ultimately add all of the products. This is especially true if you live in an area with high EMF exposure, such as an area where 5G technology has been deployed.

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