The Impact of EMF on Children: What Parents Need to Know


EMF exposure and the increased risk to children's health is a topic that has sparked intense debate as our dependence on modern wireless technology has never been greater. We use our electronic devices everywhere we go, they are part of everything we do, and that is exponentially increasing our radiation exposure on a daily basis.

As adults, we can make our own informed decisions to reduce our exposure limits and implement protective remedies to reduce the risks to our health. Children and infants are unable to make such decisions and they don't have the capability to move away from the most prevalent sources of EMF radiation that are located near and even inside their home.

It's up to the parents to minimize the impact of electromagnetic radiation exposure on their children and apply the appropriate safeguards against the potentially harmful negative health effects. But what if parents aren't aware of the threat that exists from the EMF radiation that is emanating from our wireless technology and the potential short-term and long-term health consequences that may come from a lack of exposure limits?

So what do parents need to know and how can you protect your child from the symptoms of EMF exposure and the health risks that come with it? This blog will help to clarify any confusion, present the facts about electromagnetic radiation exposure and children's health, and when all is said and done, you can decide on the best plan of action for you and your family moving forward.

Cell Phones, Electromagnetic Radiation, and Our Children

Today’s children are born into the world with dangerously high levels of electromagnetic radiation already surrounding their tiny bodies. The average infant will be subject to far more electromagnetic field exposure than children born five, or even ten years ago. That's because faster connectivity speeds and larger data transfers are driven by the need for constant communication and our kids are a big part of that demand.

Think about all of the electronic devices your child encounters and interacts with each and every day - cell phones, laptop computers, portable tablets, wifi routers, video game consoles, smart televisions and other digital appliances, you name it. Even a ride in the car to go to school in the morning and picking him or her up in the afternoon, multiply that by five days a week, and your child is undergoing significant exposure to cell phone radiation, radiofrequency radiation, and EMFs that are emitted from every electronic computer component inside your vehicle.

A child born today will endure electromagnetic radiation and radiofrequency radiation exposure much earlier and for much longer than ever before. This has led to consistent research findings that show a link between prolonged exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields and the development of childhood leukemia. As a result, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has categorized radio frequency radiation as having a potential carcinogenic risk in the human body.

Where children are concerned, however, the cancer risk is more severe (along with other symptoms associated with the neurologic, pathological disorder called "electromagnetic hypersensitivity") because their bodies, their nervous systems, and their brains are still evolving and developing as they mature into young adults.

A child’s skull lacks the thickness of an adult human skull, conductivity values of a child’s brain tissue have been proven to be higher, promoting easier radiofrequency wave penetration into a child’s cranium. The thinner walls of a child’s skull offer less protection from EMF and RF radiation, because the bone density of the skull places more obstacles in the way of the radiation frequencies and since a child’s skull is still developing and hardening, EMF exposure on children can be much more damaging to bone marrow and brain tissue.

Carcinogenic Risk Factors from EMF Exposure in Children

There are many potential adverse effects of EMF exposure on children's health and one of the most concerning is the increased cancer risk in young children who are subject to extended periods of exposure in their environments. As a child's body and nervous system are still in the developmental stages, they aren't fully equipped to ward off the impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and the wide range of dangerous negative energies across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Touching again upon the physical developmental processes of a child’s maturity and human exposure to non ionizing radiation from cell phone use along with other wireless devices popular with children, the concerns for increased risks of cancer in both children and adults have been noted by the IARC, which is a subsidiary research division of the World Health Organization tasked with examining and investigating the carcinogenic risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The more time an infant or young child spends surrounded by EMF or RF radiation, the greater the potential for cancer risk in the form of brain tumors and symptoms associated with brain cancer and childhood leukemia. While many of the leading studies have concentrated on the impacts of EMF radiation and RF radiation exposure and tissue absorption due to cell phone use and the distance of high voltage power lines within the vicinity of a child’s home, this research is just the starting point of a much more urgent conversation that must be had about the proliferation of EMF sources in and around the home and the increased risk of carcinogenic effects on our children.

Common Symptoms of EMF Exposure in Children

While the possible recognized cancer risks from EMFs and radiofrequency exposure are a serious concern, infants and young children are also prone to suffering the symptoms of this exposure through other negative health impacts that can turn severe if left unaddressed.

Since infants and children reside in homes and spend time at daycare centers that are chock-full of EMF sources including mobile phones, other mobile devices, and the nearby cell towers on which those devices rely in order to function properly. That makes a child more susceptible to developing symptoms associated with EMF exposure, which are commonly presented by individuals suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

These indications may present themselves in a variety of symptomatic forms that often result in short-term and long-term health effects with a range of consequences that may lead to extended, even permanent damage to the child’s health. This is why it's important to identify the sources of electric and magnetic fields in and around the home and set explicit exposure limits to preserve the health and well being of all who live there. Children in particular are highly susceptible to radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure.

For children and adults who have been diagnosed with the symptoms associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the nervous system is primarily affected as the child will often report feelings of headache or fatigue. Unexplained pain and soreness in the muscles are also common signs of symptoms related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity due to prolonged EMF exposure. Inability to sleep, lack of focus and concentration, and physical manifestations of discomfort in the form of tingling and burning sensations, skin irritation, and unexplained rashes that even doctors can’t determine the cause of upon examination.

These biological effects of EMF exposure are due to thermal and non-thermal stimulation of the body’s tissues which occurs from longer periods of exposure to the sources of EMF in the child’s home environment. When adults are suffering these symptoms, it’s alarming but when a young child is having these effects, it can be extremely difficult for the child to describe what he or she is experiencing and that can make it even more of a challenge to figure out what’s happening. This puts more undue stress on the child and the parents alike.

How Parents Can Protect Their Children's Health in a Modern High-Tech World

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to reside away from the most invasive impacts of EMF and RF exposure that are currently posing so many potential health risks to ourselves and our children. Therefore, it’s vital to identify effective methods for protection against the negative frequencies that are impacting our health and wellness.

For many consumers, the idea of using EMF protection products has grown in popularity as these non ionizing radiation protection devices can be worn on the body or applied to various fixtures in homes, daycare centers, and even inside of our automobiles to reduce the health effects of EMFs while strengthening the body's ability at a cellular level to ward off the stress that is coming from our electrical devices and wireless technology networks.

Using a proprietary energizing process that infuses bioresonance technology into the EMF protection product, the individual wearing that product can benefit from dual-level efficacy from bioenergetic frequencies coming from the wearable. Those frequencies harmonize the EMFs surrounding the body to reduce their negative impacts while boosting the cellular strength of the wearer within the body to ward off the effects of oxidative stress on the cells and stimulate the natural healing processes that can be interrupted due to EMF exposure.

These products can benefit both adults and children so parents can set a good example for their kids in this technological world that is posting new health risks to our bodies and brains each and every day.

Especially for Children

Concerned parents now know what the dangers of EMF exposure on children's health can yield for the short and long-term. As a parent you want to give your child every opportunity to succeed and live a happy, healthy life. The choice of using a special EMF protection bracelet for kids as a primary method for fighting back against the possible health risks of electromagnetic radiation emissions has never been more clear.

The time to act is now.

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