Cress Sprouts Growth Test Demonstrates EMF Protection

EMF Harmonizer Sprouts Growth Test

EMF Harmony conducted a test to provide a visual demonstration of the negative effects of EMF radiation on the growth of cress sprouts, and how its EMF Harmonizer+ minimized these negative effects. The test included sprouts grown next to a WiFi router emitting measurable EMF radiation, and a control group of sprouts grown 8 feet away with no exposure to EMF radiation. Below is a summary of the test:

  • Phase 1 – Two bowls of cress sprouts were grown in the same room over a 10 day period. Bowl A was next to a WiFi router with no EMF protection that emitted electromagnetic radiation measurable on a Trifield EMF measurement meter. Bowl B was 8 feet away, with no detectable radiation near the bowl.
  • Phase 2 – The same two bowls were used to grow a new set of cress sprouts in the same environmental conditions in the 10 day period following Phase 1. In this phase the WiFi router next to Bowl A had an EMF Harmonizer+ device from EMF Harmony attached to it. Bowl B was still 8 feet away.
  • Results – In Phase 1 the cress sprouts in Bowl A next to the WiFi router were noticeably less healthy and robust than those Bowl B. In Phase 2, with the EMF Harmonizer+ attached to the WiFi router, the health and robustness of the sprouts in both Bowl A and Bowl B showed no noticeable difference.
  • Conclusion – The Harmonizer+ attached to the WiFi router in Phase 2 mitigated the damaging properties of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the WiFi router, such that the sprouts grew as healthy and robust as those 8 feet away with no radiation in the vicinity.

Watch the short video overview by clicking here.

View the PDF summary by clicking here.

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