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Compra nuestros elegantes accesorios y productos de protección contra EMF. Nuestra joyería de moda, pegatinas para teléfonos inteligentes, computadoras portátiles y enrutadores WiFi te protegen de todos los EMF, incluido el 5G.

Nuestros productos actúan como neutralizadores de EMF al reducir la exposición y armonizar la energía negativa de la radiación electromagnética, brindándote una defensa poderosa contra los potencialmente dañinos EMF. Neutralizar la radiación EMF es diferente a bloquearla, y realmente es el único enfoque realista para proteger tu salud. Los bloqueadores de EMF rara vez son efectivos para eliminar por completo los EMF, y si lo hicieran, tus dispositivos inalámbricos no funcionarían, lo que haría que la estrategia no fuera práctica.

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How It Works

EMF Harmony products feature a unique dual-level technology that effectively protects against the damaging effects of EMF radiation while supporting overall health.

The first level of action involves Direct Technology, which harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies emitted by devices like your phone, Wi-Fi router, or other wireless devices, reducing their harmful health impacts. The second level, Adaptive Technology, assists the cells in your body as they cope with radiation stress, helping to optimize their energy for better health.

¿Por qué usar productos de protección EMF Harmony?

En las últimas décadas, numerosos estudios científicos han destacado los efectos adversos para la salud relacionados con la exposición a EMF. Estos efectos incluyen:

  • Inducción de estrés oxidativo mediante el aumento de radicales libres, lo que conduce a daño en el ADN
  • Reducciones en los recuentos de glóbulos blancos y rojos, con correspondientes disminuciones en la función inmunológica
  • Debilitamiento de la barrera hematoencefálica, lo que podría permitir la entrada de toxinas dañinas
  • Alteraciones en los niveles hormonales, incluyendo melatonina y hormonas reproductivas
  • Mayor riesgo de ciertos tipos de cáncer
  • Impactos negativos en el sistema neurológico que podrían afectar la salud mental
  • Una variedad de síntomas adicionales como dolores de cabeza, insomnio y problemas de fertilidad

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our products are not EMF blockers. Instead, they function as EMF neutralizers. They harmonize the negative energy from electromagnetic radiation so that it does not damage your health. These products do not reduce, disrupt, or alter the EMF frequencies.

EMF blocking devices are generally not an effective way to achieve EMF protection, because they will prevent your devices from functioning properly.

Yes, our EMF Protection products are likely to reduce stress and anxiety, create relaxing energy, help with sleep, soothe your nervous system, and potentially reduce headaches - all as a result of being protected from EMF emissions and receiving EMF radiation protection.

If you are experiencing frequent fatigue and low energy levels, unexplained headaches or other uncomfortable symptoms, you might be experiencing the effects of EMF exposure and need EMF Protection products.

This depends on how sensitive you are to the effects of EMF radiation, the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to, your general state of health, and many other variables. Whether or not you feel anything, our products are still protecting your health.

Very rarely, people will feel somewhat “off” when they first begin to wear the products. However, this is generally due to a detoxification process - it is temporary and will pass.

Our products are intended to last a lifetime. Please note we do update our technology regularly to keep up with the ever-changing EMFs. Therefore we recommend replacing products every five years to ensure the maximum level of protection.

Yes, you can sleep while wearing our jewelry products, and in fact we encourage you to do so.

Yes, our products are safe when pregnant or nursing. They are not magnetic or electric and do not emit any EMFs.

The products will usually ship within 1 business day, however, please note that delivery times can vary. While most products generally arrive in 3 to 5 business days with Standard Shipping, it can potentially take longer depending on your location, time of year, etc. With Express Shipping, most orders will generally arrive in 2 business days, but there is no guarantee on the delivery time.

Yes, each EMF Protection product can be worn through an airport security scanner without any issues. In fact, wearing the products through security scanners and x-ray machines will help to protect your health from negative energies and EMF radiation.

Customers can return any unused EMF Protection products in their original condition within 30 days of receipt. However, products that show damage or wear and tear are not able to be returned. If you do need to make a return, please contact us and a member of our team can assist.

All products are under warranty for one year (under normal/intended use for defects in materials and workmanship). If a product is defective, we will gladly replace it for you.