New Electrodermal Research Study of EMF Harmony Products

EMF Harmony Technology Research Study

We have just published a new research study by Dr. Elena Morreale, DC, DABCI, DACBN with test results using a BioMeridian electrodermal testing device to measure the influence of two EMF Harmony products on subjects exposed to cell phone radiation. The study concludes that using the EMF Harmony products created a positive effect on all the measured health parameters of all test subjects.

The graphs below are samples from the study showing the results of one subject measured when making a cell phone call without (top) and with (bottom) an EMF Harmony Mobility+ bracelet. The results indicate that all of the measured parameters were below the optimal levels without the bracelet, and they all reached an optimal level with the bracelet. Similar results were found for all five test subjects.

You may find the complete study here.


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